Current Articles on DL

A teacher pointed out to me that has a great rubric for analyzing lesson plans to see if they align to the literacy standards. 

A local principal talks about a presentation they attended by Doug Buehl on disciplinary literacy over at Connected Principals.  Take a look at their "takeaways" - great overview! (4/6/2012)

Johnny Tremain and Primary Sources: Using Strategies to Make Elementary Social Studies Personal and Engaging, a master's thesis written by Jennifer A. Spence (California State University, Northridge) outlines the use of primary sources in elementary grades. 

Engaging with the Common Core Standards from - a discussion on the literacy standards and how it applies in the history classroom.

A white paper written by the Maryland Council for the Social Studies gives a succinct and interesting explanation of the importance of social studies in CCSS discussions.

Why Integrate Literacy and Social Studies? by Emily M. Schell, Ed.D