DL in Behavioral Sciences

Links on disciplinary literacy in psychology, sociology & anthropology

A large part of disciplinary literacy in subject areas is to teach students how to read, write, speak, and think as a person in that area.  In order for students to be able to understand psychology, for example, they must be able to read and interpret psychology critical texts, write and explain psychological concepts and think about issues and events from a psychologists' point of view.  Being able to take these steps leads to deeper and more meaningful learning in the subject area. 

"What does it mean to think like a sociologist?"  Dr. Dalton Conley

Although this is a clip from a set of instructional videos and obviously has an outside assignment that was given to students, Ms. Aroselle does a good job describing how to set up a research question, but also how a sociologist would attack a problem.

Thinking Like an Anthropologist with Dr. Kathleen Young 

The Anthropology Song:  A little bit Anthropologist

Thinking Like a Psychologist, developed by Dr. Sandra Kaplan at USC

How to Think Like a Sociologist, by Karen Sternheimer

Thinking Like a Sociologist: Beyond "That's Just the Way it is", by Karen Sternheimer

Making Inferences:  Think Like an Anthropologist