Goals/Action Plans

July 2012 - July 2015

Goal 1: The District will increase the education of students to best prepare them for the 21st Century technology and best practices for the use of the resources.

    1. Social Media Education 
    2. Cyberbullying Education 
    3. Prepare students for change in state assessment
    4. Implement longer computer lab hours 
    5. Increasing Digital Learning Opportunities 

Goal 2:  The District will continue the professional development of the staff to increase effectiveness of technology in and out of the classroom.  

    1. Professional learning days and summer professional development options 
    2. Continue the development and usage of professional learning networks
    3. Implement a course management system

Goal 3:  The District will improve access to information resources and learning tools for all stakeholders to positively impact student achievement. 

  1. Establish a computer/devices replacement plan 
  2. Implement classroom/teacher websites 
  3. Utilize public Wifi & BYOT programs
  4. Redevelop research & information delivery

Goal 4: The District will work to improve and provide information in many different avenues to support the learning community and staff. 

  1. Increase efficiency using financial system software 
  2. Establish communication portals
  3. Monitor and improve usage of student information system
  4. Establish a district technology committee
  5. Update long range library media plan 
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