Information and Technology Plan 2016-2019

Plan Modified Date 6/7/16

District: Chetek-Weyerhaeuser Area School District

DPI District Number: 1080


Chetek-Weyerhaeuser Area School District's Information and Technology Plan combines long-range planning for the library media program and instructional technology. Information and technology literacy are essential components of the district’s instructional program. The plan addresses the need for students to acquire the knowledge and skills to locate, access, use, and evaluate information in the 21st Century. 

This plan was developed in accordance with requirements provided by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, the Division of Instructional Media and Technology. An important purpose of the plan is to affirm the correlation between library media programs, technology programs, resources, and gains in student achievement.

This plan is a live a breathing document that can be modified and resubmitted to the State of Wisconsin at any point change is need.  This is unlike past Information and Technology Plans which once submitted were hard to modify.

District Information Technology Vision and Mission Statements

The vision and mission statements were created by the Technology/Library Media Committee to complement and strengthen the District’s Desired Outcome (vision).

Desired Outcome (Vision): Create a high-performing, student-centered school district that meets the needs of our current student population and attracts new students to our district.

Information Technology District Vision: The Chetek Weyerhaeuser Area School District (CWASD), recognizing the need to be educated in a digital, knowledge-based, global society, is committed to promoting and utilizing diverse and current technologies, increasing the educational opportunities available, and providing students with a curriculum supported by library/ media resources, technological tools and applications designed to meet their individual needs--both in and out of the classroom.

Information Technology District Mission: Provide high-quality, student-centered learning opportunities enhanced by a variety of resources and educational technologies, which will ensure Chetek-Weyerhaeuser students meet and exceed the Wisconsin standards.

Beliefs about Information Technology: Beliefs and values help define the goals for using information technology. These beliefs can be used to help create a “blueprint” for the continuous technological improvement of the school district. The Technology/Library Media Committee subscribes to the following beliefs:

- Information technology should be incorporated into all phases of our curriculum.

- All students should have access to a variety of resources and technology so that they understand, effectively use, and welcome change as it is introduced.

-  Students in our school should be taught the ethics and responsibility associated with the use of technology.

-  Information and technology should remain a tool for enhancing the learning process. It should not be allowed to replace humanitarian concerns, basic skills, or critical thinking.

District Mission

The Mission of the Chetek-Weyerhaeuser Area School District:  Graduates are responsible, caring, productive and healthy citizens with the knowledge and skills to achieve their dreams.

District and Community Demographics and Current Status

The Chetek Weyerhaeuser Area School District is located in northwest Wisconsin on Highway 53, approximately 35 miles north of Eau Claire and 100 miles south of Superior. The number of students in PreK-12 is 905. Students qualifying for free and reduced lunch make up 49.28% of the student population. Additional Demographic Data is currently available from WISEdash http://wisedash.dpi.wi.gov/Dashboard/portalHome.jsp which may be useful in setting the context.

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