Mission Statement

The mission of Cooperative Educational Service Agency 5, a provider of services to the local and global community, is to be a catalyst for equity, excellence, and experiences for all learners through leadership, innovations, and effective coordination of a continuum of programs.

Information and Technology Mission Statement

The mission of CESA5 is Information Resources and Technology department is to ubiquitously use  the various technology and digital devices as engagement tools for improving student learning.  As a partner with local school districts, our role is to demonstrate, model and coach faculty, staff and administration on how to efficiently and effectively engage students to produce lifelong learners able to curate and apply information within a digital knowledge-based global society. 

Executive Summary
This 2015-2018 CESA5 Information and Technology Plan documents the current information and technology environment and makes recommendations for goals and three-year action plans which will support increased student learning opportunities through collaboration and leadership for effective uses of information and technology tools.

In support of the agency's mission and strategic goals, this three-year plan serves as a blueprint for expanding the effective use of information and technology resources to support student learning in CESA 5 alternative schools; the seamless integration of Information and Technology Literacy Standards into curriculum-based, engaged learning activities; and expanded professional development options and access to digital resources for staff, school districts, and teachers. It provides a framework for expanded agency efficiency, collaboration, and communication and actively involves all CESA 5 departments and projects in strategies for implementation.

The CESA 5 Leadership Design Team has identified three primary goals for this three-year plan:

    1) CESA 5 will improve communication, collaboration, and efficiency within the agency and with our school districts and clients.

    2) CESA 5 will develop an agency wide coaching model to support educators in enhancing instruction. 

    3) CESA 5 will create an Online Professional Development department dedicated to researching and developing online course offerings.

    4) CESA 5 will create technology-rich alternative schools that will prepare students for successful transitions to home schools or 

The plan also outlines implementation and evaluation strategies for each goal, addresses the mechanics and funding, and presents strategies for the monitoring, evaluation, and revision of the plan on an ongoing basis.