Introduction and Purpose:

The purpose of the Bloomer School District's technology plan is to outline our district's efforts to meet the standards of a 21st century school when it comes to both technology and curriculum. The plan is the result of the efforts of the Bloomer School District's technology team and has integrated the thoughts of administrators, technology staff, teachers, and stakeholders within the school district. The process of completing this plan began in November of 2014 and continued through May of 2015. This plan was developed in conjunction with the District's strategic planning process and the District's strategic plan for 2015-2020.

The layout of this plan attempts to analyze our current district needs and look three years into the future at anticipated needs in relation to technology. The plan seeks to guide us in the adoption and integration of technology in a responsible and feasible method in order to provide ubiquitous access to technology and library materials to all students being served by our district.

In addition to the focus on technology, our district has combined our technology goals and needs with the school library program in order to strengthen our curriculum and ensure students are learning the skills necessary for them to be successful tomorrow.

Here is an outline of the goals in our technology plan:

  • Goal 1: Student Achievement: All students will experience a quality, standards-based, technology-infused education that enhances learning.
  • Goal 2: Effective Teaching and Learning Practices: The staff will have ready access to the technology needed to promote skills for effective and efficient enhancement of student learning.
  • Goal 3:  Access to Information Resources and Learning Tools: All staff and students will have access to technology tools and resources necessary to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Goal 4:  Support Systems and Leadership: The District will promote staffing, policies, procedures, communication systems, infrastructure and resources to enhance student learning.

School District Missions:

  • District Mission:
    • The School District of Bloomer is committed to pursuing excellence by challenging and empowering all students to achieve their potential  as life-long learners in an ever-changing global society.
  • District Technology Mission:
    • The Bloomer School District will utilize appropriate and relevant technology to support student achievement and District operations.
  • District Libraries Mission:
    • The Bloomer School District Library program promotes and encourages independent reading, teaches the effective and ethical use of information sources to staff and students, and provides equitable access to all forms of information.

The School District of Bloomer is committed to quality education for all students through a broad range of experiences which challenge and empower learners, and assist students to achieve their potential. Together we impact the future of each student, as well as the potential productivity of our region and nation.

School District of Bloomer Educational Philosophy

The philosophy of the School District of Bloomer is to provide a safe and caring environment where students can reach their potential as they become productive, responsible, thinking, self-confident individuals.

The School District of Bloomer, while being a servant of the people, also must provide a leadership role within the community.  We believe we must provide the means for each student to develop fundamental skills, self-confidence, and the desire and technique to learn, know, reason, evaluate, and solve.

We promote the parent, student, teacher, team-concept of learning, to develop a functional, goal-oriented individual, with the ability to communicate and adapt to an ever-changing, technological society.

The Board advocates educational development of the total child. The Board approves a strong curriculum where the physical, social, and academic development needs of all students are considered a priority.


The School District of Bloomer serves a rural, residential, and farm community located 23 miles north of Eau Claire and 90 miles east of St. Paul, Minnesota with approximately 14,000 residents within the district boundaries. The school district spans across two counties: Chippewa County and Dunn County and serves students from the City of Bloomer, as well as the following townships: Auburn, Bloomer, Cleveland, Cooks Valley, Eagle Point, Howard, Sampson, Tilden, Woodmohr, Grant, and Sand Creek.

The district operates one elementary school (preschool through grade four), one middle school (grades five through eight), and one high school (grades nine through twelve), and partners with Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) and the Chippewa Falls School District for alternative education programs. The district serves approximately 1200 students across the area.  In addition the School District provides special education services, transportation services and Title I (reading) support and professional growth opportunities to parochial schools.

The district employs approximately** 140 individuals, 87 teachers, 17 aides, 8 cooks, 7 custodians, 7 secretaries, and 5 administrators, as well as several crossing guards and substitute teachers.

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This is an actual student count as of the third Friday in September.  It does not represent the F.T.E. (full-time equivalents). The numbers presented to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) vary based upon F.T.E. count.

**Number does not reflect FTE (Full time Equivalencies).  Includes Alternative Education, Open Enrollment, and Tuition Waivers

The School District of Bloomer also operates a six-week summer school program open to all youth in the community. The program includes creative, artistic, physical, and remedial opportunities. The average attendance in the summer programs averages approximately 800 students annually. 

Strategic Plan

School District of Bloomer Strategic Plan

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