Monitoring and Updating

The School District of Athens will monitor the Information and Technology plan. The process will assure that positive direction is being taken on the goals. Additionally, there will be need for adjustments as more evidence is gathered in terms of student achievement and changing technologies that could be put to great use for teaching and learning.

The plan proposes monitoring and adjusting in the following manner:

The Information and technology plan will be reviewed quarterly by the administrative team and ITLC leadership

The plan will be reviewed and possibly adjusted at the end of the first semester and the end of the second semester in each year. The administrative team will coordinate the discussion in concert with the ITLC staff and include the CIA (Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment) committee of the School Board of Athens. The administration will ask for input from staff through the Blue Jay Learning Community structures. Student input will be acquired through the Principals student leadership team.

Parents will be given an update of the plan at the January parents-teachers conference. The presentation will be presented in synchronous and asynchronous manner during the meeting time.

A full report on the status of the prior year of the plan will be made at the June meeting of the School Board of Athens. The community will be given a status of the plan at the September annual meeting. This presentation will be made by the administration and ITLC team, with additional feedback from the CIA committee.

The district will also work with CESA 9, CESA 10, CESA 12, and Marathon County Special Education to stay abreast of the research on integrating technology to increase student achievement and student access.