Introduction and Purpose

Welcome to the 2016-2019 School District of Athens Information and Technology Plan.  This plan represents a response to local, state and federal requirements to express a three year information and technology planning document.  This plan will include an expression of the library Information and Technology Learning Center (ITLC) services plan the district anticipates implementing in the coming three years, as well as the general technology plan of the organization.


The vision of the plan is to use ITLC and technology services to positively impact student achievement.  The plan will support instructional staff in the delivery of curricula, instruction and assessment (CIA).  The plan will provide a platform for delivery of professional development to increase educator effectiveness.  The plan will support the business intelligence processes to provide effective and efficient organizational services.

The Athens Information and Technology Plan will synchronize and support the vision of the district and the strategic plan of the district.

Community and School Demographics

The School District of Athens encompasses the Village of Athens (its 1,107 [2011] inhabitants) and parts of seven townships in two Wisconsin counties.  The community of Athens is a rural, central Wisconsin location about 28 miles northwest of Wausau.  Here is a link to discover enrollment information regarding the district:  School District of Athens Student Enrollment Demographics.  It is apparent from a view of student data that Athens is a district in declining enrollment.  The district anticipates that this trend will level off in the foreseeable future.

In May of 2011 a recurring referendum was passed by the community ensuring a good base of fiscal support for several years.  District employees have made sacrifices for the good of the district and were further impacted by state budget changes challenging all school districts in Wisconsin.

Recent Information Services and Technology History

In 2011-12 and 2012-13 there were significant upgrades in system’s architecture such as: installation of enterprise level wireless access for employees and students, public access through segregated virtual lans on the network, virtualization of servers and replacement of "white box" servers. The district also moved to more hosted/cloud-based applications to reduce impact on internal resources.

In the 2013-14 school year, the focus shifted to the end user. The process began with the purchase of Chromebooks for students use. First, enough devices were purchased to fill limited carts to be shared throughout the buildings. The district moved to a Chromebook 1-to-1 initiative for grades 2 through 8. The district also received a grant that supplied tablets to the special education content mastery department. During the 2014-15 school year, Chromebooks were purchased for the students in grade 9 through 12. Tablets were also purchased for students in Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and First Grade. The Majority of the staff “white box” computers were replaced with new PC’s.    

The Information Technology and Literacy Center (ITLC) is an integral part of the school district. The technology that the school is working with is supporting this area. The ITLC works to instruct students with not only reading materials, but research services, technology information and support for distance learning. A goal for the students is to be lifelong learners.

The district is also improving its web presence.  While still in a growing phase at this writing, the site platform has been changed to a hosted model through SharpSchool.  Here is a link to the our site:  www.athens1.org. We also are expanding our web presence with our social media accounts as well as our district app: Athens Bluejays.   

School District of Athens Vision Statement

The School District of Athens will maximize academic and personal excellence and prepare all students to thrive as effective global citizens in a rapidly changing world.

School District of Athens Information and Technology Mission Statement

The School District of Athens strives to improve student achievement through the integration of technology into the curriculum.  Establishing a cohesive focus related to technology use ensures efficient and effective use of district resources, relevant and progressive experiences for students and staff member productivity.  To improve student achievement, the district will combine technology, with parental and community involvement, increase time on task, provide frequent feedback, clear goals and objectives and teacher expertise.  Staff development will focus on the integration of Cloud Applications for curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Connection Between Athens Mission Statement and Athens Information and Technology Mission Statement

The School District of Athens works diligently to tie together these two mission statements.  Focusing on technology and information literacy as part of teaching and learning is a critical exercise.  Staff was trained in 2012-2013 in a directed professional development program to deepen their understanding of learning and teaching.  Included was a strong training in Google Apps for Education (Gapps).  Further training will occur through the State of Wisconsin's Educator Effectiveness program.  Athens was part of the 2013-2014 pilot.

District Strategic Focus

The School District of Athens will maximize academic and personal excellence and prepare all students to thrive as effective global citizens in a rapidly changing world.

The strategic plan for the district is broken down the following themes:

Theme 1: Student Learning - Produce sustainable educational experiences within and beyond the curriculum horizons and boundaries of the traditional classroom to support informed, engaged, and active citizenry through examples of community service, co-curricular activities, athletics, the arts, career and technical educations programs, class activities, special interests, etc.

Theme 2: Community Connections - Establish and sustain quality communications to support and promote the Athens School District and foster positive and mutually beneficial relationships among students, parents, staff, alumni, and community.

Theme 3: Communications - The School District of Athens will promote ongoing and open communication among all students, parents, staff, and community partners that maintains a culture of respect, integrity, inclusion, and positive morale.

Theme 4: Workforce Development -  The School District of Athens will utilize best practices to hire, retain, engage, transition, mentor, and develop a skilled and talented workforce that will enable the District to achieve its mission of learning for all.

Theme 5: Facility Maintenance - Develop, operate, and maintain technology and building maintenance plan(s) for present and future sustainability.     

Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan

The Athens Information and Technology Plan will be informed by the Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan. The website framed below identifies an overview of the focus of this state initiated plan.

Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan