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4B - Mr Whittle
4R - Mrs Sartor


Week 1 - 29th - 2nd Feb

Week 2 - 5th - 9th Feb

Week 3 - 12th - 16th Feb

Week 4 - 19th - 23rd Feb

Week 5 - 26th - 2nd Mar

Week 6 - 5th - 9th Mar

Week 7 - 12th - 16th Mar

Week 8 - 19th - 23rd Mar

Week 9 - 26th - 29th Mar


Week 10 - 3rd - 6th Apr

Week 11 - 9th - 13th Apr


Week 1 - 30th - 4th May

Week 2 - 7th - 11th May

Week 3 - 14th - 18th May

Week 4 - 21st - 25th May

Week 5 - 28th - 1st Jun

Week 6 - 4th - 8th Jun

Week 7 - 12th - 15th Jun

Week 8 - 18th - 22nd Jun

Week 9 - 25th - 29th Jun

Week 10 - 2nd - 6th Jul


Week 1 - 23rd - 27th Jul

Week 2 - 30th - 3rd Aug

Week 3 - 6th - 10th Aug

Week 4 - 13th - 17th Aug

Week 5 - 20th - 24th Aug

Week 6 - 27th - 31st Aug

Week 7 - 3rd - 7th Sep

Week 8 - 10th - 14th Sep

Week 9 - 17th - 21st Sep

Week 10 - 24th - 28th Sep


Week 1 - 15th - 19th Oct

Week 2 - 22nd - 26th Oct

Week 3 - 29th - 2nd Nov

Week 4 - 5th - 9th Nov

Week 5 - 12th - 16th Nov

Week 6 - 19th - 23rd Nov

Week 7 - 26th - 30th Nov

Week 8 - 3rd - 7th Dec

Week 9 - 10th - 14th Dec

Week 10 - 17th - 21st Dec


Dismissal - please ensure that a teacher gains eye contact or gives you a wave to acknowledge that they have seen you before they allow your child to leave.

Absences - If your child is sick, please keep them at home. When notifying the school of an absence, please provide a written note, email or phone call.
An Exemption from school form is required for absences that are for 10 or more days. Please contact the office. 

Parent Interviews
Reasons: Academic, social, emotional or behaviour. (Please make a time so we can give the issue the attention it needs, as opposed to on the run catch-ups). Parents can make an appointment through the school office or by contacting the teacher directly. 

Please be aware teachers have staff meetings on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. The teachers are not available at these times.

If your child is having a birthday, they are welcome to bring in lolly pops or similar items. Please be aware that many children have allergies and are not allowed to eat cake with egg, gluten or items with traces of nuts. Please do not feel that you have to send anything in.

Please ensure that your child has all of their belongings clearly marked. 

Munch and Crunch: This is a snack that the children will have in the morning session during English time. Please ensure that your child has fruit or vegetables only and nothing that is too messy/sticky, eg. oranges etc. They may prefer that you have it cut up and put in a container so that it is easier to eat. 


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Term Overview

Religious Education
Unit Title: ADVENT to CHRISTMAS :  A Time for Journeying in Hope.

Description:This unit explores the concept of journey. We learn about the journeys of people of the Old Testament and God’s faithful relationship with them. The unit also examines the New Testament journeys of Mary and Joseph and the Wise Men.

Unit Title: Representation of  Australians.

Representation of Australians

In this unit the students explore how different stories depict Australians who are significant at a local and community level. The language of opinion and factual reporting are explored. They will make connection between the ways different authors represent storylines, ideas and relationships.



Human Society and Its Environment
Unit Title: Places Are Similar And Different - Australia's Neighbours

This unit provides opportunities for students to examine natural and human features of Australia and the diverse characteristics of Australia's neighbouring countries. They explore the different climates, settlement patterns and demographic characteristics of places and use this information to imagine what it would be like to live in different places.

Science and Technology
Unit Title: Smooth Moves

Why do balls roll? Why do apples fall from trees? Why do some things slide across ice, but not across carpet? We use all types of forces including friction, gravity and pushes and pulls when we exercise, ride bicycles and drive cars. This unit provides the students the opportunity to explore forces and motion through hands on experiences.

Personal Development Health and Physical Education
Personal Development / Health 
Unit Title: Protecting Me

In this unit, students will explore what a positive relationship is, what abuse is and how they can protect themselves and others.

Physical Education
Unit Title: Gymnastics, Games and Sport

The children will practice their fundamental motor skills – Soccer, Catching, and Gymnastics. Students will implement passing, trapping and shooting skills learnt during Physical Education lessons during a game-sense approach.

Creative Arts
WEEK 1 and 2 - Mr Douglas will be teaching the students 'DRUMMING' in the hall and Mrs Madaschi will be following the 'Music Express' lessons in the classroom. Classes then 'swap over' to the other music activity. 
WEEK 3 onwards - Mr Douglas and Mrs Madaschi will teach the Music and DRUMMING to the Year 3 students while our Year 4 students participate in VISUAL ARTS activities with Mrs Stewart and Mrs Hailstone.

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