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Important: Week 8

* Monday, St Joseph's Feast Day
* Wednesday, Harmony Day - Mufti/gold coin donation
* Thursday, cross country carnival - POSTPONED
* Friday, Earth Hour 12:10-1:10pm
* Friday, assembly 2:10pm
* Friday, Stage 3 mass 9:30am
5B - Miss Shay Kelly (Stage Leader)
5/6R - Mr Patrick Douglas
6B - Mr Cain Holgate

Sport: Wednesday and Friday (Please note: Stage 3 may go to the oval for sport on Friday)
Library: Yr 6B Monday, Yr 5/6R and Year 5B Tuesday
Mass: Refer to Parent Calendar and Newsletters                  
Assembly: Refer to Parent Calendar and Newsletters

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Term 1 Overview

Religious Education

Year 5

Unit Title: 5.1 The Reign Of God: Reaching Out With Justice

Description: This unit explores the Church’s mission to build a just world. Justice is an important element in bringing about the Reign of God. Students will explore examples of injustice and how the Church continues the mission of Jesus by working for justice. In their exploration, students will need to look at decision-making and conscience.

Unit Title: 5.2 Lent: A Time For Growth

Description: This unit explores the season of Lent as a time of conversion and growth. It presents Jesus’ passion as an experience of suffering and rejection. It also looks at Jesus’ response to a person suffering rejection. Students are encouraged to reflect on their experiences of acceptance and rejection and explore how times of difficulty can be times of growth. Students will be challenged to reflect on the experience of God with us today in times of difficulty. Prayer, fasting, and almsgiving will be linked to Caritas material and raising awareness for Project Compassion. The Church’s celebration of the events of Holy Week will be presented and explored.

Year 6

Unit Title: 6.1 The Reign of God: Breaking Down the Barriers

Description:This unit explores how Jesus broke down barriers that prevented right relationships. It looks at concepts such as personal and social sin, and how our behaviour and relationships can advance or hinder the reign of God.

Unit Title: 6.2  Lent: A Time For Building A Just World

Description: This unit explores ‘mission’.  The unit highlights the mission of Jesus as announcing the reign of God.  It investigates how the Church, the baptised, work to bring about the reign of God – a time of truth, justice, love and peace.  It explores Lent as a time when we renew our commitment to the mission of Jesus.


Unit Title: Effective! Using language for effect

Description: In this unit the students will recognise and explore creative language features of a range of texts that contribute to engagement, excitement and meaning.  

Content areas covered throughout Term One:

Whole Number: orders, reads and represents integers of any size and describes properties of whole numbers.
Length: selects and uses the appropriate unit and device to measure lengths and distances, calculates perimeters, and converts between units of length
Fractions and Decimals: compares, orders and calculates with fractions, decimals and percentages
Three Dimensional Space: identifies three-dimensional objects, including prisms and pyramids, on the basis of their properties, and visualises, sketches and constructs them given drawings of different views
Data: uses appropriate methods to collect data and constructs, interprets and evaluates data displays, including dot plots, line graphs and two-way tables

* Working Mathematically (covered within all units and comprises communicating, problem solving, reasoning, understanding and fluency)

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Human Society and Its Environment

Unit Title: Factors That Shape Places: Antarctica

Description: This unit provides opportunities for students to explore issues and decision-making involved

in human interaction with a significant world environment, the Antarctic. The unit focuses on how beliefs about human interaction have changed over time, how the environment influences the human characteristics of places and the management of spaces.

Science and Technology 

Content taught during Terms 2 and 4.

Personal Development Health and Physical Education

Personal Development / Health

Year 5

Unit Title: You, Me and Us

Description: Students examine the factors that influence our abilities to develop positive and caring relationships with others. Focus on communication, conflict resolution and the ability to cope with change that affects


Year 6

Unit Title: Personal Power

Description: How can I recognise abuse and develop personal skills to protect myself? What is the role of

power in relationships?

Physical Education 

Unit Title: AFL Catch

Description: Various games and sports and an active lifestyle.

Creative Arts

Visual Arts

Technique: Textiles

Description: Students will explore the technique textiles through a range of experiences: handling and manipulating materials such as threads, cottons, wool, raffia, grass; weaving paper, progressing from one to two colours; performs simple stitching - uses a long needle to make straight stitches; uses contrasting colours in stitching and weaving and dyes fabrics using tie-dye, batik etc.