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Wk 1 - 17th July - 21st July
- Mon School Returns
- Mon-Fri Book Fair

Wk 2 - 24th July - 28th July
- Mon-Fri Book Fair
- Wed Grandparents Day
- Fri Soccer Gala Day
- Fri Maile Birthday

Wk 3 - 31st July - 4th August
- Tue UNSW English Paper
- Wed Mass with the Bishop
- Wed Kyah's Birthday
- Thur Edmund Rice Band
- Thur Lachlan C Birthday

Wk 4 - 7th August - 11th August
- Tue Feast of Mary of the Cross MacKillop
- Wed Surf Education Talk

Wk 5 - 14th August - 18th August
- Science Week
- Mon Mr Whittle & Mrs Starcic @ Challenging Maths Day
- Tue Feast of the Assumption
- Tue UNSW Maths Test
- Tue South Coast Athletics
- Fri Wakakirri

Wk 6 - 21st August - 25th August
- Mon St Pius X Day
- Wed Jess Birthday
- Fri Hot Dog Day

Wk 7 - 28th August - 1st September
- Literacy and Numeracy Week
- Wed Book Week Celebrations
- Fri Mass with Kindergarten
- Sun Fathers Day

Wk 8 - 4th September - 8th September
- Electricity Week
- Wed Christmas Art Entries Handed in to CEO

Wk 9 - 11th September - 15th September
- Thur Christmas Art Exhibition 5pm for CEO selected students
- Fri Assmembly

Wk 10 - 18th September - 22nd September
- Fri Last Day of Term

TERM 4 Begins Monday 9th October

Sport:               Monday and Wednesday 
Library:           Wednesday
Mass:            - 1st September 9am
Assembly:    - Wk 9 15th September
- Wed Wk 2 26th July : Grandparents Day
- Fri Wk 2 28th July : Soccer Gala Day
- Wed Wk 3 2nd August : Mass with Bishop
- Mon Wk 6 21st August : St Pius X Day
- Wed Wk 7 30th August : Book Week
- Fri Wk 9 15th September : Assembly

- Thur Wk 9 7th December : Teddy Bears Picnic
- Fri Wk 9 8th December : Whole School Mass
- Wed Wk 10 13th December : Year 6 Liturgy and Farewell
- Thur Wk 10 14th December : Promotions Morning and Signing Farewell Gifts and memories
- Fri Wk 10 15th December : Christmas Assembly and Guard of Honour 
- Fri Wk 10 15th December : Last Day of Primary School

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Term Overview

Religious Education

Unit Title: The Bible: Our Sacred Story

Description: This unit explores the Bible as our Sacred Scriptures. Students review the great story of our tradition: its significant people and events. The unit also briefly introduces the students to the formation of the Bible. 

Unit Title: We Celebrate the Sacraments: Part II

Description: This unit continues the exploration of sacraments in 5.7. Students will explore the sacraments of Marriage and Anointing of the Sick. They will examine the Church as a sacrament and study various vocations as a response to our baptismal call.




Unit Title: Author’s Craft

Identifying an Author’s Style

Description:In this unit the students will discuss the  similarities and differences amongst texts of similar topic, theme and plot. They will evaluate the characteristics that define an author’s style.  The  students will explain their own preference for a particular interpretation of a text, referring to text details and their own knowledge and experience.  They will discuss the similarities and differences amongst texts and evaluate key characteristics that define an author’s style.

Content areas covered throughout Term Three:
* Working Mathematically (covered within all units and comprises communicating, problem solving, reasoning, understanding and fluency)

Wk 1: Addition and Subtraction - selects and applies appropriate strategies for addition and subtraction with counting numbers of any size

Wk 2-3: 2D Shapes - manipulates, classifies and draws two-dimensional shapes, including equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangles, and describes their properties

Wk 4-5: Angles - measures and constructs angles, and applies angle relationships to find unknown angles

Wk 6-7:  Volume & Capacity - selects and uses the appropriate unit to estimate, measure and calculate volumes and capacities, and converts between units of capacity

Wk 8-9: Patterns & Algebra - analyses and creates geometric and number patterns, constructs and completes number sentences, and locates points on the Cartesian plane

Wk 10: Area - selects and uses the appropriate unit to calculate areas, including areas of squares, rectangles and triangles

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Human Society and Its Environment


Unit Title: Global Environments - Rainforests

Description: The unit provides opportunities for students to investigate a rainforest environment in Australia. The unit focuses on comparing environmental patterns in Australia with those in other places in the world.

Science and Technology
Unit Title: *
This unit.... *

Personal Development Health and Physical Education


Personal Development / Health

Unit Title: Growing and Changing (SEE NOTE)

Description: How does my body grow and change? What factors influence personal and community health?

Physical Education 

Unit Title: Gymnastics, Games and Sport

Description: Various games and sports, an active lifestyle and gymnastics

Creative Arts


Visual Arts

Unit Title: Christmas Story (Art Competition)


Students will demonstrate that they value creativity, beauty, discipline and sensitivity through the process of creating and artwork that can be submitted into The Christmas Story Art Competition. Students will have to the opportunity to learn and practice drawing and painting skills with different mediums and techniques before producing their major piece.