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Reminders for Week 10: 
  • NO homework this week
  • Wednesday - Waste Free Lunch
  • Thursday - STEM Day @ St Joseph's Catholic High School, Albion Park. SPORTS UNIFORM to be worn. Normal school hours - bus will collect us from St Pius in the morning and return us to St Pius in the afternoon for normal bus/ parent pick up
  • Friday - Long Assembly 2.10pm in Hall

Sport:   Wednesday and Friday        
Library:   Monday    
Mass:  Friday 9:30am (refer to parent calendar)             
Assembly: TBC

Year 5 Calendar:

Year 5

Year 5 Information

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Term Overview

Religious Education

Unit Title: The Catholic Church in Australia - Has a Special Story

This unit explores the story of the Catholic Church in Australia. It focuses on key events and people that have shaped the identity and growth of the Catholic Church in Australia. The unit also explores how the Church is organised and what it does in Australia today. It introduces very broadly the key expressions of Catholicism in the Catholic Church in Australia. The unit assists students to recognise their place in the Church as the people of God.

Unit Title: Creation - A Change of Heart

This unit explores creation as a gift from God, which we are called to care for and protect. Students will identify issues of misuse and mismanagement in the environment and explore how we, as stewards of creation, can respond appropriately and compassionately.


Unit Title: Author's Purpose

In this unit the students will discuss the  similarities and differences amongst texts of similar topic, theme and plot. They will evaluate the characteristics that define an author’s style.  The  students will explain their own preference for a particular interpretation of a text, referring to text details and their own knowledge and experience.  They will discuss the similarities and differences amongst texts and evaluate key characteristics that define an author’s style.



Content areas covered throughout Term 2:
  • Working Mathematically (incorporated in all areas and daily number sense)
  • Volume and Capacity
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • 2D Space
  • Angles
  • 3D Space
  • Fractions and Decimals
For more detailed information visit - 

Human Society and Its Environment

Unit Title: Australia As A Nation - State & Federal Government

The unit provides opportunities for students to investigate the people and processes involved in legislative, executive and judicial functions of State and federal governments. The unit focuses on the responsibilities of different levels of government and how parliaments work.

Science and Technology

Content covered in Terms 2 and 4.


Personal Development Health and Physical Education

Personal Development / Health 

Unit Title:​ I Like Me

How does my body grow and change?

How do body changes affect the way I think and feel?

How do my values affect the choices I make?

PE: Gymnastics, Games and Sports

Students will be covering aspects of Gymnastics, Soccer and Throwing and Catching skills throughout the term.

Creative Arts

Unit Title:Visual Arts - Christmas Story Art Competition

Students will demonstrate that they value creativity, beauty, discipline and sensitivity through the process of creating and artwork that can be submitted into The Christmas Story Art Competition. Students will have to the opportunity to learn and practice drawing and painting skills with different mediums and techniques before producing their major piece.

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