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Reminders for Week 10: 
  • ADVENT Week 2
  • Sport Uniform Wednesday and Friday
  • Wednesday - Waste Free Lunch
  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - NO CANTEEN
  • Thursday - Class Promotions
  • Thursday - CHRISTMAS CONCERT - White Shirt and Christmas Decorations
  •  Friday - Assembly 2:10 pm in Hall
Sport:   Wednesday and Friday        
Library:   Monday    
Mass:  Friday 9:30am (refer to parent calendar)             
Assembly: TBC

Year 5 Calendar:

Year 5

Year 5 Information

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Term Overview

Religious Education

Unit Title: We Celebrate the Sacraments (Part 1)

This unit is one of two units exploring sacraments in Years 5 and 6. In this unit students will deepen their understanding of sacraments and sacramentality. The unit will explore the sacraments of Penance and Holy Orders.

Unit Title: Advent to Christmas: A Time to Prepare and Celebrate

This unit explores the liturgical season of Advent. It focuses on the message of John the Baptist who prepared the way for the coming of Jesus. His call is one of challenge and commitment in preparation for the coming of the Messiah. Students will examine Advent and Christmas customs and practices that help us prepare for the celebration of Christ’s first coming and the promise of his second coming at the end of time. The unit develops the concept that the promised Saviour, Jesus, is the Son of God, become human; an event that we prepare for and celebrate, and to which we continue to respond in living our faith.


Unit Title: Public Speaking

The intention of this unit is to develop the students into confident public speakers. The pinnacle will be the Diocesan Public Speaking Competition. The main resource used throughout the unit is the website STRICTLY SPEAKING. It is organised into 4 sections. ‘Getting started’ introduces the students to public speaking and allows them to participate in some communication activities. In ‘Preparation’ students explore the process of preparing a speech and develop skills and techniques that can enable them to become an effective public speaker. ‘Stand and deliver’ focuses on the actual giving of a speech. It includes video of speeches by four successful student speakers. In ‘Off the cuff’ students explore strategies and techniques to confidently deliver a speech when they have little preparation time. It includes video of four impromptu speeches by students.

Unit Title: Snapshot on the Media

In this unit the students will consider how texts about local events and issues in the media are presented to engage the reader or viewer. They will describe how people, places and events are represented in the media.



Content areas covered throughout Term 4:
  • Working Mathematically (incorporated in all areas and daily number sense)
  • Position
  • Mass
  • Chance
  • Patterns and Algebra
For more detailed information visit - 

Human Society and Its Environment

Content covered in Terms 1 and 3

Science and Technology

Unit Title: Survivor

The children will learn about how different living things have adapted to live in certain environments and ecosystems. They will learn about different ecosystems and how organisms interact within these. The children will learn about specific environments and the features of these such as deserts, rainforests, oceans, etc.

Unit Title: Go to Woe

The children will research, design and evaluate a range of products that meet the needs of people who are travelling, camping or hiking in a local bush setting. They will look at different products that allow them to meet different challenges and devise their own products to meet needs as they arise.


Personal Development Health and Physical Education

Personal Development / Health 

Unit Title:Keeping Safe on the Road and in the Water

In this unit, students will explore  how they promote and improve safety knowledge and behaviours in their own community. They will also deepen their own knowledge and skills on how they can keep safe on the road and around water.

PE: Gymnastics, Dance and Cricket

Students will be covering aspects of Gymnastics, Dance and Cricket. These experiences will engage with a variety of dance, gymnastics, throwing and catching skill sets throughout the term.

Creative Arts

Unit Title:Lunchbox Rap!

Students learn to:

  • Identify and describe the sounds in the opening. Improvise movements to represent the sounds. Devise symbols to represent the sounds. Perform the chant patterns.

  • Create their own rap.

Students learn about musical concepts:

  • Duration – beat and rhythm, syncopation, varying rhythm patterns

  • Pitch – pitch contour

  • Dynamics – varying dynamic levels

  • Tone colour – experimenting with tone colour

  • Structure – contrasting sections, recognising large sections and small sections.  

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