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TERM 4 - Weeks 6 & 7:  
  • Homework - Due to the extra homework with the Sacramental classes, Year 3 homework will consist of reading for 15 minutes each night and for those not involved in the classes completion of activities on Studyladder.
  • Reading Logs - students are to record their reading each day at school and 4 times at home each week. These are to be brought to school each day.
  • Parent Helpers - we invite parents/grandparents to come and listen to our students read. This can be first thing in the morning on any day that suits. Please see Mrs Hailstone, Mrs Stewart or Mr Hales if you are interested.
Sports uniform is to be worn on Tuesday for fitness and Thursday for Sport.

3B - Mrs Catherine Hailstone and Mr Andrew Hales (Wednesday)
3R - Mrs Joanne Stewart
Library - Mrs Carmen Nughes (Tuesday)
PE - Mrs Carla Olima (Thursday)

Sport:   Tuesday and Thursday      
Library:   Tuesday  
Mass:  Friday, 24 November 9:30am 
Assembly:  SPX Factor will be held on Friday, 24 November at 12.10pm.

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Term Overview

Religious Education
Unit Title: Eucharist: Jesus is with Us

This unit develops students’ understanding of the celebration of the Eucharist. The unit focuses on the key parts of the Mass and explores the ways Christ is present. It presents the Mass as central to the life of the community. In it we remember and make present the saving act of God in Christ and give thanks and praise. In sharing the Eucharist we become one body in Christ.

This unit supports the parish sacramental program for First Holy Communion.

Unit Title: Advent to Christmas: A Time for Responding with Love

This unit develops the concept of Jesus as gift and the fulfilment of God’s promise. It challenges us to respond in faith and love to this wonderful gift.  Mary represents the perfect human response to God’s love. Though surprised by and questioning of God’s call, Mary freely responds in faith and trust to God’s invitation and in so doing prepares the way for the gift of Jesus.

God invites each of us to respond to the gift of Jesus and to cooperate with God’s activity in our lives.  Mary and the shepherds lead us to understand what it means to respond to the gift of Jesus.  We remember the coming of Jesus as a baby and we open our lives to respond to the presence of Jesus in our lives today.


Unit Title: Author Study

Critically evaluating author themes, characters and writing style.


Through the use of quality  literature,  the students will delve deeply into an author’s life and body of work. They will critically evaluate the authors themes, characters and writing style. They will respond to the author through a variety of writing.


Unit Title: Time
Students will use their knowledge of time to read and record time in one minute intervals and convert between hours, minutes and seconds.

Unit Title: Area 
Students measure, record, compare and estimate areas using square cm and square m.

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Unit Title: Places are Similar and Different 
 Australia’s neighbours 

The geographical inquiry process will investigate the location and geographical characteristics of Australia’s neighbouring countries. This includes the investigation of the natural characteristics of a country in Asia in the content area: Different environments in the focus area: The Earth’s environment.

Through investigation of a geographical issue, students will examine the interconnections between people’s perceptions and the protection of a significant cultural site.

Science and Technology
Unit Title: Let the Force Be With You

Why do balls roll? Why do apples fall from trees? Why do some things slide across ice but not on carpet? What makes our bikes stop when we brake? 

We use all types
of forces including friction, gravity and pushes and pulls when we exercise, ride bicycles and drive cars. Engineers and scientists use their knowledge of forces and
motion to design things for our homes, work and school.

Through hands on activities students identify forces that act at a distance and those that act in direct contact and investigate how different-sizes.
This unit provides students with the opportunity to explore forces and motions. 

Geography Personal Development and Physical Education
Personal Development / Health 
Unit Title: Safe T

This strand seeks to develop an ability and a commitment to act in ways that will protect self and others from harm. It will focus on the question:

“How can I analyse the road environment to keep myself and others safe as pedestrians and passengers, and when I ride or skate?”

Physical Education  

Games & Sport

Description: Various games and sports and an active lifestyle.

Creative Arts
Unit Title:​ Visual Arts 

Indigenous Australian Artist Study and Creation Appreciation

The unit provides a series of activities which will develop student’s knowledge and understanding of different perspectives, appreciation of Indigenous Australian art techniques and styles, with a focus on Australian author/ artists Sally Morgan and Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker).

Unit Title:​ Music

 Mr Douglas will be teaching the students 'DRUMMING' in the hall and Mrs Madaschi will be following the 'Music Express' lessons in the classroom. Classes then 'swap over' to the other music activity. 
Year 4 students will participate in VISUAL ARTS activities with Mrs Stewart and Mrs Hailstone.