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Welcome to the Year 2 Class Page.

Welcome back to Term 2. We are looking forward
to a term full of fun, happiness and hard work.

This term, in week 3, we will be hosting assembly. 
We would love you to come and see what we have been learning about. 


Week 9- 2B will be having library on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. 

Can you please ensure your child/ren have all of the equipment they require in their pencil cases e.g eraser, sharpener, colour pencils.

Please ensure that you have booked a parent interview. If you need to make alternative arrangements, please see your child's teacher.

 Thank you for your continued support

At SPX our students are developing skills for building positive responsible relationships, and are practising using these strategies in the classroom and the playground, so that they can use them effectively in their lives and become more resilient. The teaching of interpersonal relationships is linked with the School Positive Behaviours for Learning (SPB4L) and Personal Development and Health Syllabus. 
The children have been explicitly taught the three step process to assist them with coping and dealing with classroom and playground situations. 
Step 1 
Stop it, I don't like what you are doing or saying. It is also a good idea if they can tell the person specifically what they do not like.
Step 2
Please stop doing or saying that. I don;t like it.
Step 3
I have asked you to stop what you are doing. I have asked you three times and I am going to tell the teacher.

2B - Mrs Garretty
2R - Miss Jaklic
Library- Wednesday - Mrs Nughes
PE- Thursday - Mrs Olima


Week 1 - 29th - 2nd Feb

Week 2 - 5th - 9th Feb

Week 3 - 12th - 16th Feb 


Ash Wednesday 14th Feb

Week 4 - 19th - 23rd Feb

Week 5 - 26th - 2nd Mar

Week 6 - 5th - 9th Mar

Week 7 - 12th - 16th Mar

Week 8 - 19th - 23rd Mar

Week 9 - 26th - 29th Mar


Week 10 - 3rd - 6th Apr

Week 11 - 9th - 13th Apr


Week 1 - 30th - 4th May

Week 2 - 7th - 11th May

Week 3 - 14th - 18th May- Our assembly- 2:10pm on Friday

Week 4 - 21st - 25th May

Week 5 - 28th - 1st Jun

Week 6 - 4th - 8th Jun

Week 7 - 12th - 15th Jun

Week 8 - 18th - 22nd Jun

Week 9 - 25th - 29th Jun

Week 10 - 2nd - 6th Jul


Week 1 - 23rd - 27th Jul

Week 2 - 30th - 3rd Aug

Week 3 - 6th - 10th Aug

Week 4 - 13th - 17th Aug

Week 5 - 20th - 24th Aug

Week 6 - 27th - 31st Aug

Week 7 - 3rd - 7th Sep

Week 8 - 10th - 14th Sep

Week 9 - 17th - 21st Sep

Week 10 - 24th - 28th Sep


Week 1 - 15th - 19th Oct

Week 2 - 22nd - 26th Oct

Week 3 - 29th - 2nd Nov

Week 4 - 5th - 9th Nov

Week 5 - 12th - 16th Nov

Week 6 - 19th - 23rd Nov

Week 7 - 26th - 30th Nov

Week 8 - 3rd - 7th Dec

Week 9 - 10th - 14th Dec

Week 10 - 17th - 21st Dec

Sport: Tuesday and Thursday
Library: Wednesday

Dismissal - please ensure that a teacher gains eye contact or gives you a wave to acknowledge that they have seen you before they allow your child to leave.

Absences - If your child is sick, please keep them at home. When notifying the school of an absence, please provide a written note, email or phone call.
An Exemption from school form is required for absences that are for 10 or more days. Please contact the office. 

Parent Interviews
Reasons: Academic, social, emotional or behaviour. (Please make a time so we can give the issue the attention it needs, as opposed to on the run catch-ups). Parents can make an appointment through the school office or by contacting the teacher directly. 

Please be aware teachers have staff meetings on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. The teachers are not available at these times.

If your child is having a birthday, they are welcome to bring in lolly pops or similar items. Please be aware that many children have allergies and are not allowed to eat cake with egg, gluten or items with traces of nuts. Please do not feel that you have to send anything in.

Please ensure that your child has all of their belongings clearly marked. 

Munch and Crunch: This is a snack that the children will have in the morning session during English time. Please ensure that your child has fruit or vegetables only and nothing that is too messy/sticky, eg. oranges etc. They may prefer that you have it cut up and put in a container so that it is easier to eat. 

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Term 2 Overview

Religious Education
Unit Title: 2.3 The Easter Season
This unit is about Easter. After recalling the Resurrection story it explores light as a symbol in the Easter Vigil. The unit also highlights the place of Baptism in the Easter Vigil. In recalling Pentecost, the unit explores the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Unit Title: 2.4 Sign of God's Love
This unit introduces the Church’s liturgical year, relating the key seasons and symbols to the events of  Jesus’ life, death and Resurrection. The unit also presents the story of the Exodus, a foundational story in which the People of God pass from slavery to freedom through the waters of the Red Sea. The significance of water and other key liturgical symbols is explored.

Unit Title: Responding to Texts.

Description: In this unit the students will begin to explore issues about their local and global world. They will recognise and respond to the ways different texts  inform the reader. Students will explore informative texts using knowledge of text structures through discussion, writing and representing.


In Mathematics this term, we will be covering the following topics:
Working Mathematically Outcomes
- Communication
- Problem Solving
- Reasoning
Number and Algebra
- Whole Number
- Addition and Subtraction
Measurement and Geometry
- Length
- Time
Statistics and Probability
- Data
For more detailed information visit - 

Human Society and Its Environment
Unit Title: Features of Places

The unit develops the understanding of the difference between natural, constructed and managed environmental features.  

Recognising the links between maps, in photographs and in reality. Understanding the values of places and their need for care. Developing observation skills and understanding of patterns in the environment. Practicing accurate recording of data and understanding the link between weather, seasons and human activities
Science and Technology
Unit Title: Water My World

Description: This unit will provide the students with the opportunity to explore WATER and investigate how all living things depend on water and how we use water in our daily lives.  The students will learn about where water comes from, how ice and steam are formed.  They will investigate clouds and the water cycle process and make a terrarium to observe the water cycle.  The students will explore the science of water that you see in the world around you and use every day.  The students will learn that we have a responsibility to take care of the Earth’s different environments and suggest ways in which they can help to care for the natural environment.  

Personal Development Health and Physical Education
Personal Development / Health 
Unit Title: Medicines and Me, Play it Safe. 
Description: Students identify How they can keep themselves and others safe around medicines, at home, at school and near water?  This strand seeks to develop an ability and a commitment to act in ways that will protect self and others from harm. It emphasises respect for the human person and the development of a co-operative, caring society.

Physical Education  

Unit Title: Games & Sport

Description: We will also be focusing on locomotive skills. With Mrs Olima and Mrs Garretty we will continue to focus on volleyball skills as well as various stills using balls. 


Creative Arts
Unit Title:​ Splish Splash


Technique: Dance

Description:In SPLISH SPLASH students respond to the stimulus of water to create dance movements and sequences, individually and collaboratively. Throughout the lesson sequence they develop body skills, expressive movement quality and imagination in using the elements of dance.