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Welcome to the Year 2 Class Page.
2B - Mrs Clare Suartama and Mr Andrew Hales (Thursday afternoons from 12:10 - 3:10 pm)
2R - Miss Anna Jaklic 
Library - Mrs Carmen Nughes (2B and 2R)
PE - Mrs Carla Olima (2R)
Supporters Day
The students are allowed to wear mufti clothes that respresent their favourite sporting team. They will need to wear closed in sports shoes, hats and clothing appropriate for school and the weather conditions please.
School Holidays
The students will bring home their pencil cases on Friday afternoon in Week 10, so that they can be restocked for Term 4. We have noticed that a number of children do not have enough writing pencils and they have been misplacing them. Please ensure they have at least 4 writing pencils that have their names clearly marked on them. The students will probably need some more glue, possibly a rubber and a sharpener that collects the shavings in a barrel please. Thanking you for your continued support.

Thank you
Thank you to all the Year 2 students and their families who assisted with making our mural behind the Mary MacKillop Centre on Tuesday afternoon. Remember to keep collecting grey, blue and green shopping bags so that we can continue to add to and eventually complete the mural. So far the mural looks great, we can't wait to see it completed. We are sure it will be fantastic.

Stage 1 Excursion
Thank you to all the parents and grandparents that joined us for our recess break in the gardens. The students had a wonderful time and learnt a lot about caring for and protecting our environment. 

Friendly Reminders
If your child arrives at school after the first bell, they should be accompanied to the front office to get a yellow late note. 

Students need to ensure they have been to the bathroom prior to school and in break times, so that they are not missing valuable learning and teaching time.

Homework - Home Reading every night for 10 minutes and the homework sheet to be completed by a Friday each week. If your child needs additional time they can complete the homework sheet on a weekend and return it on a Monday morning.

Week 10 18th September - 22nd September 
19/9 2R Library and PE
20/9 2B Library
21/9 PE
22/9 Year 6 Long Assembly

School Holidays 23rd September until 8th October.

Sport:  Tuesday and Thursday          
Library:  2R Tuesday mornings and 2B Wednesday afternoons
Mass:  Unfortunately the Year 2
 Parish Mass organised for Friday 15th September 2017 at 9:30 am has had to be post phoned until Term 4 as Father Graham is away from the Parish this week. We will notify parents with the Term 4 mass that the students will be attending.         
Assembly:  Whole School Assemblies will be held this term in odd weeks. Weeks 1, 3,5,7,9. Year 2's Assembly will be in Term 4. Refer to newsletter for Term Three Assembly Themes. 

Year 2 Calendar:

Year 2

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Term  3 Overview

Religious Education
Unit Title: Reflecting God's Goodness

This unit explores the concept of living as a follower of Jesus. It introduces Jesus’ commandment to love others as Jesus loved us. It draws on the children’s knowledge of stories about Jesus and of their experience of people who reflect God’s love. The unit introduces saints as ordinary people who reflected God’s goodness to the world and brought God’s love to others.

Unit Title: Reconciliation

This unit reflects on the human experience of forgiving others and being forgiven. The parable of the Prodigal Son is presented and explored. It presents God as loving and forgiving. The unit explores the concept of reconciliation and living together in peace. It introduces the Sacrament of Penance, exploring how the Catholic community celebrates reconciliation with God and one another.


Unit Title: Sharing Stories from Different Cultures

In  this unit the students will explore and respond to a variety of texts from a range of cultures. They will investigate  language features, style of illustration, symbols and ways of thinking.

In Mathematics this term, we will be covering the following topics:
Working Mathematically Outcomes
- Communication
- Problem Solving
- Reasoning
Number and Algebra
- Whole Number
- Addition and Subtraction 
- Fractions and Decimals
Measurement and Geometry
- Volume and Capacity
- Time 
- 2D
Statistics and Probability
- Data
For more detailed information visit - 

Human Society and Its Environment
Unit Title: The Need for Shelter

This unit provides opportunities for students to explore the need of people and other living things for shelter, and how built and natural environments can provide this. The unit focuses on the students’ local area and safety needs in familiar environments.

Science and Technology
Unit Title: Life, Camera, Action!
This unit provides opportunities for students to make observations and use information sources to gather information about wildlife. They explore how technology increases our knowledge about the features, changes and needs of living things and how this helps us look after the planet.

Personal Development Health and Physical Education
Personal Development / Health 
Unit Title: Fun, Food and Fitness

How does physical activity and healthy eating affect my health and lifestyle?


Physical Education  

Unit Title: Gymnastics, Games and Sport.

Various games and sports, an active lifestyle and gymnastics

Creative Arts
Unit Title:​ Music - Where the Forest Meets the Sea
The unit has been developed thematically with the book Where The Forest meets The Sea. The focus of these activities is on children’s composition and performance using appropriate tone, colours and dynamic control for expressive purposes. The second part of the unit uses the aboriginal song Noongar in the Bush to allow students to explore rhythmic elements of words, dynamics and tone, colour to represent various objects and actions.The unit assumes that students are comfortable with the use of classroom instruments and organising sound activities.