Holy Spirit's decision to introduce a 'Bring Your Own Designated Digital Device' (or BYODD) program has come after much consideration and discussion.

In 2018 Year 7 students will be required to have an iPad for their studies. This iPad should be new enough to run the lastest iOS and have at least 32 Gb of memory.

Year 10 students have been given the option to purchase a Macbook through the College over a 3 year period or BYODD 

Year 8 and 9 students will be able to transition from an iPad to a Macbook in 2018. There is a process to follow for this to happen. Students will need to see their Year Coordinator to make this transition happen.

Our aim is to improve student engagement, participation and achievement in their studies. These digital devices are a powerful tool for collaboration, active participation, critical thinking, innovation and discovery. They also allow students to personalise their learning to suit their individual needs, abilities and interests.