Senior Project:  2018-2019


Senior Project is an internship program to investigate a career.



Each senior has the opportunity to complete a significant Senior Project during the fourth quarter of senior year. Students work with faculty and staff to develop career-related projects and to determine the amount of time needed outside of school to complete them. Time frames are varied and flexible depending on students‘ remaining course commitments and the time needed to work on the project. Each student has a mentor on the Dover-Sherborn staff as well as a project supervisor at their placement. Students must be supervised at all times.

Admittance to this program is based upon a written proposal explaining the educational value as well as the feasibility of the project. Senior Project proposals are subject to review and approval by the Headmaster. A written statement by a faculty sponsor is submitted in lieu of a grade.

Participation in the Senior Project program requires punctuality, good attendance, responsible citizenship and satisfactory academic achievement.  Students must maintain a C or above, and not having outstanding incompletes to be eligible for participation in Senior Project. Teachers have final say over who is allowed to leave their classes to participate.  

Students MUST fulfill their Community Service obligation by the end of the first semester of senior year to be eligible for participation in Senior Project.” (Dover Sherborn Course of Studies)

Students must be in attendance at their Senior Project Placement for all of 4th Quarter.  Students may not use this time to take days off for travel, etc.

A student begins the process by submitting a one page draft of his or her idea in the early fall. Possible options include:  interning at a business, hospital, school, etc. volunteering at a service agency working at an animal shelter or local farm  interning at Mission Hill School in Jamaica Plain

Project activities may not include paid work or work for an immediate family member and must be at a place of business.  Each week during the course of the project, students will meet with their faculty mentors.

In the spring, students make 20-minute multi-media presentations to an audience including mentors, parent/guardians, and peers. Presentations must be accompanied by a 3-5 page paper describing the area of study, the topics explored and the progress made. .

How much time at Project/Attendance


Students must be in attendance at their Senior Project Placement for all of 4th Quarter.  Students may not use this time to take days off for travel, etc.

The Project will run from April 8th, 2019 - May 23, 2019 .   Please be aware that there is no school during the week of April 22, 2019, and we are not expecting students to work that week.   However, you may make an arrangement with your placement to spend some time together during that week if you both agree that it would be beneficial.   There is a half day because of the prom on May 17, 2019, as well.

Students are to be at their placement every day when they are not in classes at the high school.  So, how many hours per week is that? Depending on the student’s schedule, the number of hours does vary.

  1. If a student is completely signed out of their classes (no AP classes) and are not on a Dover Sherborn Spring sports’ team, they are expected to work 35 – 40 hours per week.  

  1. If a student is completely signed out of their classes (no AP classes) and are on a Dover Sherborn Spring sports’ team, they are expected to work from approximately 7:30 A. M. until 1:30 or 2:00 P.M. depending on the commute, approximately 30 hours per week.

  1. If a student is taking AP classes, he/she will still need to attend this class(es) until they exam and then the student will work full-time.

  1. The student will give his/her placement mentor and in-school mentor a copy of their schedule in March.

  1. On the day of the prom May 17, 2019 students will only attend their placements until 10:50 A.M.  Your In-School mentor will be calling to check on your attendance.

  1. If you miss attending the placement because of illness or any other significant reason, your parents must call you in to the high school just as they would during the regular school year.  The student is responsible for contacting the placement mentor and his/her in-school mentor to notify them both of the absence. If a student is failing to meet his or her attendance obligations, he or she will be removed from the senior project and returned to classes at the high school.


This year, seniors participating in Senior Project will be starting their projects if they are signed out to leave all their non-AP classes and provide all necessary paperwork by April 5, 2019 BEFORE 2:15 P.M. Students may then begin their Senior Project on April 8, 2019 which is the first day of term 4. 


Seniors must have their community service hours completed and signed off on by the end of the FIRST SEMESTER.  You will not be eligible if this has not been done.  You also must meet attendance (absence/tardies) requirements.



Seniors who would like to participate in Senior Project must handed in a typed full-page draft of their project proposal to Mrs. Bishop or Ms. Clancy-Kelley by Thursday, November 29, 2018. Proposals must be formally written.   We use “rolling admissions” —early applications will be appreciated.  NO proposals will be accepted after Thursday, November 29, 2018.

In your draft, you should address:


  • What, specifically, you wish to study.

  • Detailed explanation of how project relates to a career.

  • Who will supervise your work?  You must identify both an on-site and an in-school mentor.   Remember that your on-site mentor cannot be a family member.  Make sure you ask your mentors before you turn in your proposal.

  • Where you will work/study/research—you must be supervised and cannot work at home.

  • How much time you plan to use. As you look at your second semester schedule, include from what classes you will ask to be released. 

  • If you participate in Spring athletics, please include this in your proposal for planning purposes.

  • A completed COVER Sheet, which is found on the Senior Project website

  • Placement/Site Mentor Agreement Form

  • Parent Acknowledgement Form

Remember that you will need teacher approval for any class in which you plan to sign out.  Talk to your teachers, even those whom you will not have until next semester, about their policies and requirements related to senior project, so that you will have a realistic idea about what your availability will be.  

The topic should be one that you wish to investigate in depth. Make sure that your proposal is specific; you may want to frame it with a question.  Talk with teachers, counselors, your parents and others about your draft ideas.  It is strongly suggested that your project be closely related to an area you may wish to pursue as a career. 

You will be notified of the status of your acceptance before the December holiday break.



Starting at the beginning of the second semester:

  1. Student will communicate with the in-school mentor about every other week during 3rd term.  This can be done through email or in person.   These meetings will provide the opportunity for you to clarify your topic and your plan, so that you will be prepared to engage fully in your project during the fourth quarter.   This communication is YOUR responsibility.  If you do not meet this part of your commitment, mentors will be instructed to contact Mrs. Bishop or Ms. Clancy-Kelley and you may be removed from the program.  


  1.  Your final proposal will be due by February 7, 2019 to Mrs. Bishop or Ms. Clancy-Kelley.  Final acceptance of your project will occur in individual meetings with Mrs. Bishop or Ms. Clancy-Kelley during mid-March.



  1. If you have an outside of school mentor, he/she must complete the following forms by 

February 7, 2019 :


  • Confirmation of dates and hours of internship to  Mrs. Bishop or Ms. Clancy-Kelley

  • Nondiscrimination form to  Mrs. Bishop or Ms. Clancy-Kelley

  • CORI form with a copy of your driver’s license to the Superintendent’s Office 

***It is your responsibility to advise your mentor of this requirement.


4. You also must

  • Keep an ongoing journal or portfolio of your research and activities related to the project, and

  • Write a paper on your project that will be turned in by May 15, 2019. The paper must be at least 3 - 4 typed pages long. (double spaced, no more than 1 inch margins and no more that 11 pt. font)

If you work in a partner, each partner must write his/her own paper.

  • Create a presentation...PowerPoint, media, etc

  • Be prepared for an exit interview with Mrs. Bishop or Ms. Clancy-Kelley on May 24th




A required portion of your senior project is your presentation.  All presentations will take place on May 23rd between 3:00 and 6:30.   

You must stay the entire time to be the audience/evaluators for other students.


You will be assigned a classroom in which to make your presentation; parents and friends will be welcome to attend.  Members of the audience in your classroom, as well as your faculty advisor, will complete an evaluation form about your presentation. 

Your presentation should last about 15 minutes and should include some visual component.  If you work with a partner, every member of the group must present a portion of the overall presentation, which will be at least 20 minutes long.

An evaluation rubric will be provided to guide you as you prepare your presentation.   You will stay in your room to participate as an audience member for the other seniors who are presenting in your assigned room. 


What does your in-school mentor do?

In general, the mentor will be helping the student in terms of:

  1. Responsibility

  2. Organization

  3. Log/Journal of materials used to write the final paper.

  4. Evidence of research and Project development.  

  1. During 3rd term

    1. Meet and assist the student regarding  – deadlines, etc, make final preparations for Senior Project

  2. During the 4th term the mentor will have

    1. Weekly meetings with in-school mentor

    2. Review the student’s weekly Log/Journal of materials used to write the final paper.

    3. Visits the student’s Project site, in person, at least once.

    4. Assist the student assemble/invite the committee (family & friends) to judge their presentation and review components of oral presentation.

    5. Read/ evaluate the student’s final Senior Project paper.

    6. Attend/evaluate the student’s presentation

    7. Directly supervise the student if they are in the high school building.  If a student is in the building between AP’s, then they need to be working in the back of the in-school mentor’s classroom, not in the library.

Review of Timeline and Components:

November 29

  • Students ask faculty/ staff to be mentor

  • Initial proposal and cover sheet due to Mrs. Bishop or Ms. Clancy-Kelley in room 105S.

  • Placement/Site Mentor Agreement Form

  • Parent Acknowledgement Form

Before December break students will be notified if their project has been approved or if they need to re-submit a proposal.


January - Community Service completed and documented.


February 7 -   Forms  due to Ms. Clancy/Mrs. Bishop

I.  Placement/Site mentor:

A) CORI form and copy of driver’s license of placement mentor to the Superintendent’s Office

B)  Nondiscrimination form to Mrs. Bishop or Ms. Clancy-Kelley

C) Confirmation of Placement form with dates, days and times of the internship

II. Parents:

A) Permission form

B) Release form

III.  Students:

A) Final proposal

B) Cover sheet with all information completed

C) Tentative class sign-out sheet

D) AP change form (if needed) to change the time of the student’s AP class.

E) Copy of student’s schedule (Aspen matrix form)


March - in-school mentor emails introduction letter to placement/site mentor

March through May ongoing – in-school mentor/student meetings on progress before and during project time, in-school mentor remind students to be checking Google classroom for updates and communications about paper & presentations.

March through May ongoing - in-school mentor Journal/portfolio review

End of 3rd term - Sign out day for non-AP classes in order to begin Senior Project April 8th.

4th term - Project work begins or as per individual plan.

4th term – in-school mentor/student weekly meetings with student

4th term – in-school mentor bi-weekly check-in with placement mentor

Early May in-school mentor reminds mentee to invite family/friends to the presentation

May 15, 2019 - Paper due to in-school mentor and Mrs. Bishop or Ms. Clancy-

May 23rd  - Presentations from 3:30 – 6:30 / students’ last day at/on project.

Morning after Presentations – Students have Exit interviews with Ms. Clancy & Mrs. Bishop

Topics From Previous Projects:

Physical therapy


Lawyers office



Dermatology Office

Real Estate



Locations where DS has contacts:





  1. Community service must be complete by January - mid-year exams.

  2. You may not have earned a sixth tardy.

  3. You also must meet attendance (absence/tardies) requirements.

  4. ******You must be available on May 23rd   to make your presentation.  and  ****You are expected to be at the exit interview May 24th.

  5. Your outside mentor must submit a CORI form and nondiscrimination form.

  6. You may not be supervised by a parent or family member.

  7. You may not do your project at home, in your garage, etc.

  8. You may not be paid for your project work.

  9. You may not be in school unsupervised.