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Dover-Sherborn Global Citizenship Program

Welcome! សូម​ស្វាគមន៍! Willkommen! Добро пожаловать! Benvenuto! !مرحبا ¡Bienvenido! 欢迎!

                                              What does it mean to be a global citizen?


Dover Sherborn High School is a program that is open to all students interested in becoming more informed, engaged, and active global citizens.  The Global Citizenship Program (GCP) at Dover-Sherborn High School affords all students the opportunity to graduate with a Global Citizenship Certificate, tangible proof that they have acquired the skills and awareness necessary to being a positive influence in today’s global society.


Freshmen and Sophomore students who have met the following requirements:
* Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
* Minimum of a B- in the required global courses
* If you do not meet this criteria you may write a short explanation of your situation in your application.

Application Guidelines  - Freshman and Sophomores are encouraged to apply during the next round of applications:  due November 1 of each year

Upon acceptance into the program, students will be responsible for completing all of the requirements stated within the program guidelines as outlined below. 

*Meet with a GCP advisor two to three times a year to review progress and obtain approvals for travel and service, as well as to develop a senior reflection project.

*Attend GCP meetings (unless excused prior to event for legitimate reasons)

*Submit a form documenting academic, service, and travel accomplishments each year . (Annual Review Form)

*Maintain a GPA of 2.5 or better, with a B- or better for all global course requirements.  If this criteria is not met, students will be asked to write an explanation to the global advisory board.

Academic and Extra-Curricular Requirements

Global citizens are expected to have the following: 

1. Knowledge of the world they live in

2. Empathy for the perspectives of other people and cultures 

3. The ability to act on an issue

4. Good communication skills 

The Global Citizenship program at Dover Sherborn High School is designed to give students experience in each of the four criteria listed above.  The requirements of the program are outlined below. Students are expected to work with their GCP advisor to document completion of the following requirements.  Forms for each requirement can be found at the bottom of this page.

1.  Dover Sherborn Academics (knowledge of the world they live in)

6 Required Courses 
*4 years of a foreign language - any combination.  (Subject to waiver for applicable IEP or 504)
*World History I and World History II 
 *Alternate approaches may be applied toward satisfaction of the GCP academic requirement on a case-by-case basis. Please submit a completed GCP Academic Alternative Proposal Form to the GCP Review Committee.

9 Credits of Electives (any combination of the following).  Other courses may be eligible, especially some of the online classes.  
Check with your GCP advisor for approval.
  • Poetry Workshop (3 credits)
  • Mythology (3 credits)
  • War through a Literature Lens (3 credits) 
  • Film as Art (3 credits)
 Social Studies:
  • Facing History and Ourselves (6 credits)
  • Environmental Research (6 credits)
  • Marine Science (3 credits)

2.  Foreign Travel Experience (recognize the perspectives of others)

Students must have a foreign travel experience (either a school-sponsored trip/exchange or a pre-approved family/individual trip with educational and cultural components). Travel experience is an important part of this program - please work closely with your GCP advisor to ensure travel requirements are met. Preapproval is required for both Foreign Travel Experience and Alternative Domestic Options.  Please click on the links below for appropriate forms. 


The following are examples which would fulfill these requirements.

Foreign Travel Experiences  (Preapproval Form)

*Two five day trip

*One five day trip and 12 hours of non-school related cultural events

         Alternative Domestic Cultural Options (Preapproval Form)
*Hosting a foreign exchange student
*24 hours of domestic cultural events

3.  Global Service (the ability to act on an issue)

Global service exposes students to a world issue such as world hunger, disaster relief, human rights, environmentalism, energy conservation, cross-cultural education, or international relations.   Please consider the following to ensure that your global service requirement is met.

  • A minimum of 30 of the 40 hours required for graduation must be internationally/globally related
  • The 30 hours must be spread out over a minimum of 2 years
  • Students may use the same hours for graduation/NHS/etc.
  • Certain travel programs with a service component may count as both travel and service, depending on the trip itinerary - consult a GCP advisor for approval
  • The GCP annual fundraiser will count for service hours

4.  Senior Reflection Project (good communication skills)

  • Seniors will work with the Global Citizenship Program Advisor to develop their unique senior reflection project. 
  • Upon completion of all GCP requirements, students will present their senior project to their peers at the Senior Project Presentation event.  The senior project will summarize and reflect upon a student's individual global experiences, a combination of all that has been learned from their academic, travel, and service experiences.  The presentation is mandatory and will not be excused.
Dover Sherborn High School would like to thank Sharon High School, Cohassett High School, and Hingham High School for sharing their Global Citizenship Forms.