CHICKERING SCHOOL ART ROOM.... piece of art at a time!

What is up in the ART WORLD at Chickering ....

well, let me tell you some REALLY cool knock your smocks off art work!! every student at Chickering is an ARTIST! The Art Room is run like an art studio. 
  • Artists working together, respecting materials and others .
  •  Artists are encouraged to work at their own pace, however...we need to keep our minds and hands busy, talking is fine, if it is art chat happening.
  •  There is usually a demonstration of some sort during each class, artists are expected to pay they do not miss the really cool techniques we will be exploring during class. 
  • Artists use REAL ART MATERIALS! guess what? SO DO ARTISTS AT CHICKERING! everyone has crayons and markers at home (not that there is anything wrong with them) but we use REALLY COOL please dress accordingly!!! ART IS MESSY! Wouldn't you be nervous if it wasn't????
please check out the slideshow of some amazing work by students grades K-5!