Mrs. Griswold

Welcome March

The year is moving fast! Day 100 was February 7! We  celebrated by cooperatively working with Kindergarten and grade 2 on making 100 hearts of kindness. Children brought in their 100 day collections were voted on in several categories. First Grade took home the ribbons winning each category. Here were our winner Ella won Most Colorful with her melted crayons, Gabriella won Most Interesting and Most Effort with her 100 hand made unicorns, and Caden won Most Creative with his 100 Car Junk Yard. Congratulations to all!

Our Valentines Tea will be on Friday February 14. More information will soon be coming home. 
We will also have a class celebration in the afternoon of the 14th so that children have the opportunity to exchange Valentine cards. 

February Vacation is February 17-21. Hopefully with a break all the germs will dissipate and we will have a healthy class upon our return to school on Monday Feb 24. 

The month of March will center on an author study of Leo Lionni we will visit the theater to see several plays of his stories. Here is resource to learn more about this famous author. 

No school on Tuesday march 4 because of town meeting. 

March 17th is Saint Patrick's day so in honor of him the children will design and build leprechaun traps in hope to catch one and find his pot of gold!

I am honored to report that I have been selected along with 4 other Vermont educators and 45 other educators from around the United States to attend a special event in North Carolina in March. I will be examining the new Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) assessment questions for validity, making recommendations, and acting to shape this new national assessment tool.

The Year in First Grade 2013-2014 
  • September brought a study of  ocean habitats and ocean animals. We took two superior field trips one to the Boston Aquarium and one to The Connecticut Science Museum. both trips enriched our learning.  Children learned to write a report and developed basic math skills.
  • October centered on using adjectives to describe spooky events. Children learned to write narratives and we even wrote a book as  a class. Math included building fluency with facts using fact families. We learned about keeping safe during Halloween and fire safety.  We discovered the difference between fiction and non fiction and how movie makers use special effects.
  • November  brought learning of life long ago compared to today,and culminated with an original Thanksgiving dinner made and served by the children. Thank you to all the families who volunteered to cook and to all those who sent in supplies. Children learned about families, sharing, and being thankful. Math moved into double digit addition and fractions through cooking projects.   
  • December  learning continued to center on families and sharing. We explored several holidays including Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas. We learned how holidays are celebrated in various countries even when it is the same holiday. We will have  a Christmas party in class with a gift exchange. Math  includes learning about money and spending wisely. We wrote  responses to the literature  we read in class and used Venn Diagrams to compare and contrast books and video versions.  
  • January studies were of snow and snow science. Throughout the study children used the scientific process.  We wrote a report at the end of our studies. We actively kept scientific journals with vocabulary development and learning.  We  read many non-fiction texts as well as fiction texts. Math  included the use of measurement including linear and volume. And our classroom was the lab for multiple scientific experiments. January also brought many assessments for the children as we do progress checks to monitor and record how individual children are progressing with their education. The information is used to tailor instruction and meet the needs of students. Students are informed of their progress and enjoy completing the assessments there is no pressure for children and assessments are delivered in an enjoyable setting. If you would like to speak to me about specific assessments or how your child preformed please call me to set up an appointment. 

In case you have not noticed first grade learning builds off the prior day and always spirals. We never really end any topic or academic practice we simply continue to build on it gaining new knowledge and incorporating new abilities.  

Remember homework is due every Thursday.
PE is every Monday and Tuesday so kids must have sneakers! You may have your child keep an extra pair of shoes at school. Library is every other Wednesday so bring those books and Dover Free is the first Friday of each month. Health is every Thursday.

If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch  me. It is important that we communicate to avoid any confusions or misunderstandings. My moto is no question is to small, silly or unimportant. If you think it, ask it! Children learn by example so always set a good one. 
As always I can be reached at or 464-5386 ext.11

As LAFTER After School Program Site Coordinator I can be reached at 
Remember LAFTER forms are due back February 24 for session 4 and summer applications are due in with a deposit on March 3.