Mrs. Griswold

Our class uses a Cross Curricular method of teaching. This means that all academic subject areas are connected to each other and are not taught as separate individual entities. The use of Differentiated Instruction is incorporated daily into our classroom so that each child receives the instruction that fits their individual needs and assignments are prepared according to each students abilities and interests. We will be learning with 12 International Baccalaureate units this year. First and second grade IB units of inquiry have been melded together and are taught in collaboration with one another. Each IB unit follows one of the IB Transdisciplinary themes. 

How We Organize Ourselves- No Speeding/Responsibility, 

Where We Are in Place and Time - It's Our Community and Who We are-Something Old Something New, 

How the World Works - Light of My Life/We All Need Light, 

Sharing the Planet - Our Beautiful Planet/All Gone

Who We are - Mi Casa and Where We Are In Place and Time-Out Of Bounds

How We Express Ourselves - Imagine It/ I Am Me.

As always our International Baccalaureate themes run through all of our learning and are incorporated into all subject areas.  

Classroom Learning

The following is a breakdown of the learning standards we will be exploring the rest of the year. This will provide you with an understanding of concepts your child will be concentrating on over the next few months in school, so that you can continue to support their learning at home. Please note that standards are continuously explored throughout the year and standards are not simply “covered” and then we move on, rather we revisit and build on all standards throughout the year. Using differentiated instruction each student will work at their own level to develop skills within each concept. Please see the standards page for specific standards being addressed over the next few months.

 Things to Know
LAFTER our after school program runs continuously through the year Monday through Thursday 3:15-5 PM.  If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Griswold.

Have your child keep an extra set of clothes and shoes at school.  Be sure your child has recess appropriate clothing. 

PE is every Monday and Tuesday so kids must have sneakers! You may have your child keep an extra pair of shoes at school. 
Library is every Tuesday, so bring those books back.
Health is every Thursday.
Music is every Thursday.
Spanish is every Wednesday and Friday. 
Art is every Monday.

No Homework means you should be spending quality time with your child. Read nightly with them, go for a walk, keep a science journal, play a board game, write a story together, cook together, and more.