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Guess the Teacher

For those who were wondering who the teacher from Issue 6 was, it was Mrs. Remillard.

This issues "mystery" teacher:
For this issue we are doing something a little different.  Most of you know that Mrs. Lavin is out on maternity leave and we have a substitute teacher, Ms. Wozniak.  She is new to Douglas High School, so we decided to write a little bit about her.  She graduated from Worcester State University in December. She majored in English, minored in Secondary Education, and had a concentration in Women's Studies. She also graduated as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar after completing a research project with her best friend involving local poet Elizabeth Bishop's archival materials. Throughout college, she worked in the university's Writing Center as a Writing Consultant and during the summers she worked as a camp counselor. Before she came here, she had another long term substitute position at Marlborough High School. Growing up, she moved around a lot; her first house was in Auburn, then she moved to Falmouth, then Grafton, then back to Auburn where she currently lives. She has a black cat named Minerva named after Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter.