Sponsor's Information

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For pubs and clubs, becoming a sponsor of the PDSL is both a smart investment and a great way to support a growing professional sport. We’d love for you to be the sponsor of the American player who finally hits the big time vs the European Pros.

Why Become a Sponsor?
  • Increased business on Monday nights, or any other of your slower nights of the week.
  • Support a pub-friendly sport and prospective professional players to represent the league, its sponsors and our country.
  • Sponsor Fee: $100/Bracket. A quick and smart return on investment for your business.
Minimum Sponsor Facility Requirement:
2-4 Regulation Dart Boards

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Sponsor Poster

If you are looking for players to form a bracket out of your establishment, we have designed a poster for you to post on the wall near your dartboard area.

Click the image to download this poster as an Acrobat .pdf document or click here.

This poster is designed to be printed out on a 8.5"x11" sheet of paper and best output on a color printer. 
Gregg Tong,
Apr 6, 2011, 12:16 PM