Using DartConnect Season Pass for League Play

DoubleCork is now powered by DartConnect Season Pass, which means that the league is covering the costs for everyone to use DartConnect scorekeeping for their singles and team league matches.

For information on how to start using DartConnect for your league matches, CLICK HERE.

DNSL "Express Entry" Match Reporting

Brackets that use DartConnect will experience tremendous benefits by using the software, including:
  • Streamlined scoring and no math errors.  Perfect for walk and chalk situations when you can't have a dedicated chalker.
  • No filling out a paper match report, save time and eliminate human input errors.
  • Entire match report is done automatically just by scoring the games.  Players simply forward the DartConnect Recap they get in their email to their bracket rep.
  • Bracket reps may now use the new lightning fast "Express Entry" form specifically for matches scored with DartConnect (only 9 fields to fill out per match now instead of 100+):

If you are currently using or plan to use DartConnect in your DNSL bracket, send an email to and you will be granted access to the Express Entry Form (and your bracket's standings page will be marked with a DartConnect insignia).

How to set up and play a league match:

Season Pass - League Match Basics

Printable Match Instructions

E-Mail Troubleshooting:

To check if your email address is connected to the League Season Pass:  

If you want to check your DartConnect account and add other email identities go to "My Profile" on the member's website:

If you need your email address updated to connect to DNSL Season Pass,
send an email to 

** Tip: To add an email to any player, tap the "i" next to their name in the player list.


DNSL Match Format is Pre-Programmed!

What this means:

  • After selecting opponents, just click "Cork for Start", then pick the # of legs per set. (see below)
  • Alternate leg/set starts are automated - at the end of each leg AND at the end of each set, you will see a green "Alternate" button. 
  • When three legs are won, you will see the end of set screen (Gold Score Box see below)
  • When three sets are won, you will see the end of match screen (Red Score Box see below)
Review Format and Pick Legs  End of Set Screen (Gold Score Box)  End of Match (Red Score Box)


After adding a New Player,
make sure the PLAYER NAME button
is highlighted RED before continuing.

If you have any questions about using DartConnect, send an email to 


Scorekeeping Basics

x01 Scoring Overview

How to Correct 01 Scores

Cricket Scoring Overview

Correcting Cricket Scores

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