DartConnect Information

DoubleCork, Inc. and DartConnect have established a strategic partnership to co-promote the sport of darts and lead the way to industry innovation with online play and automated performance tracking.


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DartConnect Season Pass for DNSL Matches

DartConnect's software platform provides a streamlined scoring system for both 01 and cricket, and collects an unprecedented quantity of statistics on every player simply by scoring games.  This also allows the elimination of paper match reports and a new "express entry" form for bracket reps to enter scores in a fraction of the current time required (see below).

DNSL "Express Entry" Match Reporting

Brackets that use DartConnect will experience tremendous benefits by using the software, including:
  • Streamlined scoring and no math errors.  Perfect for walk and chalk situations when you can't have a dedicated chalker.
  • No filling out a paper match report, save time and eliminate human input errors.
  • Entire match report is done automatically just by scoring the games.  Players simply forward the DartConnect Recap they get in their email to their bracket rep.
  • Player Performance Leaderboards - see the link at the top of our DCTV page.
  • Bracket reps may now use the new lightning fast "Express Entry" form specifically for matches scored with DartConnect (only 9 fields to fill out per match now instead of 100+):

If you are currently using or plan to use DartConnect in your DNSL bracket, send an email to markc@doublecork.com and you will be granted access to the Express Entry Form (and your bracket's standings page will be marked with a DartConnect insignia).


DoubleCork is covering the cost for ALL team and singles league players to use DartConnect for their league matches. You can download and use the DartConnect scorekeeping app for FREE.

To learn how you can participate, download the flyer below,
follow instructions on page 2:


Take Care of Step 1:
Create a DartConnect Free Guest Account
- Click Here -

Unlock all of DartConnect's features with a Premium Subscription
Subscribe Today for just $24/year
go to www.DartConnect.com and click "Join"

Purchase a DartConnect Premium subscription and you'll get to use it everywhere you play darts, including unique online features such as:
  • Competing online with other players anywhere in the world
  • Broadcast your match scoreboard on DCTV for anyone to follow along, even on their phone.
  • Practice against the 12-level computer AI opponent
  • Use DC in other leagues, including team leagues
DartConnect works best on a tablet computer, but can also function on a laptop PC or smartphone.  It works on almost all platforms including Apple, Android and Windows, as well as the Kindle Fire HD.

If you require any assistance with downloading or using DartConnect, visit their website, read the FAQ on the member site, or contact them directly at askdc@dartconnect.com.

Gregg Tong,
Sep 4, 2016, 11:01 AM