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About the DoubleCork National Singles League (DNSL)

What happened to PDSL, why the name change?

To reflect our new focus and abilities to offer our league format without regard to geographic limits, we felt a new look and feel for the DoubleCork National Singles Dart League was appropriate and sometimes a makeover is just what you need to change the game.



What are “brackets” and how are skill levels defined? One division or “bracket” will consist of between 6-8 players, with one player designated as “bracket representative” (much like a team captain) whose responsibilities include collecting fees and entering match reports over the Internet. Brackets should try to have parity, but can consist of a mix of players at different skill levels determined by 3-dart average or PPR (points per round): Masters=80+ppr; A=60+ppr; B=45+ppr; C=under 45ppr.

Season Format - Mondays is default league night, but can be any other night that the sponsor and players can agree on. The league will play a 14 week season (15 weeks for 6-player brackets), round-robin schedule. In the event that a player can not attend a league match, makeup matches should be played within two weeks of the scheduled date at the sponsor site, with a 2-week period at the end of the season for remaining matches. Players who finish with incomplete seasons may lose playoff eligibility. 

Match Format - During the regular season, all legs played are 501 Straight In / Double Out or Standard Cricket. Format consists of best of 5 sets, each set being best of 5 legs. Match duration is approx. 1.5-2.5 hours. Brackets with lower-skilled players may opt to play a shorter best of 3 legs per set format if matches last longer than 2.5-3 hours, but the entire bracket must play the same format. Division standings are based on total win/loss record.

Playoffs - At the end of the season a championship playoff tournament is held to determine league champions. Visit the league website for updates and to view past playoff formats, previous champions and previous prize amounts.

What is a “Traditional” Bracket?  
Why offer the Independence Bracket?

A Traditional bracket is the same as what was known as the standard PDSL bracket. As online play evolves, we see more moving to the Independence style bracket, but offer the traditional bracket for those who are already established with this setup. We received a lot of feedback from players and sponsors that the sponsor fee was a barrier to participation, so we are introducing a bracket with a higher player fee but no sponsor fee and the freedom to play anywhere, including online.  With DartConnect technology now making online play stable enough for league competition, the timing is right to begin including it and opening up participation to a broader geography.

Can out of state players play in an Independence Bracket and how does that work?

Any Independence Bracket can be made up of all local players, all online players or a mix of both, it is up to the bracket and the bracket rep to organize and coordinate communication and match scheduling.  We recommend creating a private FaceBook page or using other social media to manage your group.  

Independence Brackets do not have a sponsor location and players are allowed to play their weekly match at any mutually agreed upon location, including online.  We encourage you to continue to play at neutral locations as much as possible, such as your favorite pub or club and ensure all locations meet standards for league play.

What is DartConnect & Why Should I Use It?

DartConnect is the most advanced and complete tablet-based software platform for steel tip darts. Not only is it the easiest way to score, it unlocks a long list of benefits for DoubleCork players, including:

  • Effortless scoring that speeds up play and eliminates math errors
  • Comprehensive statistics and reports emailed to you immediately
  • Replaces paper match report and eliminates 90+% of bracket rep data entry.
  • Play online from home or anywhere
  • Practice against a realistic computer opponent
  • Broadcast the scoreboard and share it with others over DCTV; and much more
We have partnered with DartConnect and are offering an exclusive discount only available to our members to encourage their use of this important new technology.

DartConnect is the future of steel tip darts.  Visit and find them on Facebook to learn more. 


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