Introduction to DOU

DOU offers a high-quality education in Buddhist principles and practice through a long distance learning system. DOU is a private university with highly qualified instructors, operating in compliance with the educational regulation under the Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Education of the State of California, USA. DOU headquarter is located at 805 E. Monrovia PL., Azusa, CA 91702 USA. DOU has over 40 branches around the world. In Thailand, DOU has established DOU Liaison Office as an agent for enrollment and registration processes.

Dhammakaya Open University805 E. Monrovia PL. , Azusa, CA 91702

Our Philosophy

Lifelong learning without boundaries is the DOU's core philosophy. We believe in providing opportunities to pursue education without interrupting our daily lives. The ultimate goal of DOU is to shape one's life to live contentedly without troubling others and society - one who can finally find true happiness and inner peace, help people and give proper advice to those in misery.