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Uktar 7th

posted Dec 31, 2010, 9:42 AM by Samuel Hart
As the characters recovered from their encounter with the undead, they were visited by their new friend Dominic. He brought with him an Eladrin woman who required desperate help and had visited the Temple. Dominic, having shared a reasonably good relationship with the group, thought that they were the most apt to assist them. The Eladrin introduced herself as Tala Vel’Tora, Wizard to the Fey Princess Dianna. An Eladrin spell caster and enemy of Dianna has led a revolution against her fortress and dragged it into the mortal world. As the Princess’ most trusted Wizard, Dianna pulled together her resources and sent the mage away to gather help. In running from the enemy, Tala ran to the city, where she managed to hide herself. She has learned that servants of the enemy have been working in the city, and that most of their funding has been gathered from Athkatla. As they discussed how they would be able to work with one another, a group of Fey Spiders attacked their abode, forcing them to defend themselves.