A Naturopath without Homeopathy is like a Doc without a quack!

         To prepare a homeopathic medicine one mixes water with another substance and then dilutes away all of the substance leaving only that substance's magical signature that has been transferred into the water in the form of a memory of that substance.   Sugar is often added for taste.

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Homeopathic medicine can be prepared in two different ways:

1.  Medicines prepared "homeopathically," that have been diluted down to water contain only water. Patients are not receiving any medicine at all, unless water and sugar are considered medicine.  

2.  Medicines prepared "homeopathically," that have not been diluted down to water, contain biochemically active substances derived from plants or animal sources. The biochemically active portion of the preparation has a pharmacological effect.  Such preparations, more accurately should be labeled as botanical 
medicine or pharmaceuticals. These preparations can be used medicinally, and should not be labeled, "homeopathic."

It is argued that homeopathy achieves its effect through the

PLACEBO EFFECT, which would be the case if a patient used a homeopathic medicine as described by number #1 above, because the patient would be taking sugar water.  


Most people who practice homeopathic medicine believe that it works and defend it even though there is no scientific proof. 
 Most naturopathic doctors fall into this category. 
 If your naturopathic doctor is practicing homeopathic medicine on you, find out if your homeopathic preparation is just sugar and water, or if there are active biochemical substances present.   

Unfortunately, homeopathic medicine is joined at the hip with naturopathic medicine, because homeopathy is taught at naturopathic medical schools and comprises a section of the nauropathic board exams.  This in no way, however, requires a naturopathic doctor to practice homeopathy or embrace its principles.

NAH doctors are trained physicians who do not use homeopathic medicine.  Educate your doctor about homeopathy and encourage them to join NAH.  With your support the practice of homeopathy could be eradicated all together.  

Homeopathy should never be used as a substitute for vaccinations 
Do not use homeopathy if you are trying to treat serious illness.