Library Rules

Talk Softly    
  While DCMS Media Center is not a traditional "quiet library", an inside voice is appreciated by others while they are reading or working.  

Walk Slowly
   Running is not permitted and is an activity for outside.

   Music is played in our media center.  Students are NOT ALLOWED to select, change or add songs to our playlist.  Music suggestions/request may be made with the media specialist.  After review, if music is school appropriate, it will be added to our playlist. 
*** Teachers reserving the media center for class activities may request that the music be turned down or completely off during their visits. 

Be Respectful to Everything and Everybody
    Take care of the books, technology and other items. Bean bags are not to be thrown or jumped on. Couches and chairs are made for sitting not jumping or standing on.  Please do not sit on the arms of the furniture.  Be courteous and friendly to others who are using the media center.  Treat others like you would want to be treated.

Media Passes
     Students must have a media pass from their teacher to come to the media center.  Signed agendas, notes and other forms of messages are not accepted.  

Cafe' Drinks
     Coffee, lemonade and hot chocolate are sold for the enjoyment of those utilizing the media center.  Drinks ARE NOT permitted to leave the center unless under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher. On the rare occasion of spills, the student who purchased the drink is responsible for immediate clean up.  Media assistants will be glad to help and we have supplies for such accidents. All trash (cups, tops, napkins, etc.) should be placed in one of the many trash cans located around the center before the students leave. 

  • Students are responsible for maintaining their library barcode.  Students must have their barcode with them to check out books.  Lost or damaged barcodes are replaced at the cost of $.50.
  • Books are checked out for a period of two weeks.  Students may check out two (2) books at a time.  With a "top reader" card, students are allowed to check out three (3) books. Click here for more details on becoming a TOP READER.
  • Periodically a "Past Due" list is generated,  Students who have not returned or renewed the books they have checked out will appear on the list.  The first step taken is to notify the student's reading teacher.  After allowing a few days for the student to take care of this, the list will be checked again. If the student remains on the list, they will be placed on what is know as "FINE & FEES". While on FINE & FEES, students are not allowed to participate in school activities, including but not limited to:  reward days, field trips, pep rallies, assemblies, etc.  They are also not allowed to check out any other books until this has been corrected.  If the book was lost, students must pay for the replacement cost of the book before they are removed from FINE & FEES.
  • Reference books may not be checked out without the media specialist permission.
  • Magazines are not allowed to be checked out. Please enjoy them in the media center

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