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Status update message to Head of Delegation 2011-11-02

posted 10 Nov 2011, 22:34 by tim mcgrath

Dear Head of Delegation to UN/CEFACT,

We have recently been informed of increasing interest by some member States and intergovernmental organizations in project developments relating to draft Recommendation 37 on Signed Digital Evidence Interoperability.

To provide some helpful information on these developments, we would like to bring the following to your attention:

The Project Team has followed the procedures of UN/CEFACT?s Open Development Process concerning an invitation for comments.  It has also invited all delegations to join a series of phone conferences to discuss the comments.
Canada, Japan, the Russian Federation and the United States provided comments. All comments are being addressed by the Project Team, which will submit a revised draft to the Bureau. 

The Bureau has started to identify possible next steps. We are also in particular reviewing the comments made by Working Group IV --Electronic Commerce -- of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law
(UNCITRAL) about policy implications.  We are keen to ensure that the Project Team's work on draft Recommendation 37 contributes to and fits within a complete set of recommendations for the interoperability of signed documents. 

Delegations will have an opportunity to review developments and exchange views on the draft Recommendation at the 18th Plenary, which takes place in Geneva from 15 to 17 February next year. 

We will keep you informed of any further developments. 

Kind regards,


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