Welcome to our classroom website. Here you will find upcoming events, newsletters, classroom and school information, and educational resources. Many pictures throughout the school year will also be posted so you won't miss out on any special events. I hope you find this site helpful. If you have any questions or comments please let me know. 
                                                                                                                                 Mrs. Urbaniak


~ PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS - Our secretary, Mrs. Schimmoeller, is in need of plastic shopping bags (Walmart, Kroger, Meijer, etc.) for a craft she is working on. Please save and send your bags to school.  

~ END OF THE 3rd QUARTER - The end of the 3rd quarter is Friday, March 22. Report cards will be sent home the following week. Please sign the yellow envelope and return it to school the following day.

                                                    The report card may stay at home.

~ FIELD TRIP - Thank you to all of those parents who are able to be a chaperone for the field trip on Friday, March 22. Please remember to dress appropriately for the weather and wear tennis shoes.

                          Everyone who is able to be a chaperone, please arrive in our classroom no later than 8:00; the bus will be leaving no later than 8:10.

                          Students may bring money for the gift shop at Science Central (no more than $20). Please put the money in a baggie with your child’s name on the outside.

                          I will keep the baggie in my book bag while on the field trip. 

~ SEVERE WEATHER AWARENESS WEEK - Next week is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Ohio. We will learn about weather, how to stay safe in dangerous weather, and practice our tornado drill.

                                                                            At home this would be a great time to practice your tornado drill as well.

~ THANK YOU - Thank you to everyone for bringing in a green food item for our Eating of the Greens party. The students enjoyed it and had a great opportunity to try some different foods.


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