What do I get for $160 a month...

Dock2Dock is a full 3PL Warehouse Management System for only $160 per month*

Dock2Dock is a JAVA Cloud based Solution.

The system runs on a dedicated Secure Windows 2008 high speed server in Washington DC and all you have to do is login to run.

Input of 
  • Receipts, 
  • BOL Printing, 
  • Reporting 
is all easy entry. 
  • Barcoding
  • Label printing

 is handled with just the push of a button. 
  • Remote warehouses; no problem. 
  • Got a Shipping/Receiving desk; no problem.

Dock2Dock handles and prints all Monthly/Weekly Storage invoicing, 
  • by weight, 
  • size, footprint, 
  • location, 
  • racking space, 
  • volume, etc. 
Each Shipment and Receiving can have service charges attached to them, ie. 
  • Load/Unload charges, 
  • container loading, 
  • assembly, 
  • pictures, etc. 
for weekly billing to 3PL clients.
  • Rotating Inventories: no problem, 
  • LIFO, FIFO and Inventory Valuations, 
  • also does Assemblies and, keeps track of all Pick&Pack inventories. 
  • What about Cheps; no problem.

All your 3PL clients can login as well, they get what they need!
  • Inventory reports, 
  • Shipping Reports, 
  • Receiving Reports. 
All reporting is AS-AT, meaning they can report on what they had in your warehouse last Feb 16th if they want too. They won’t have to call you for reports anymore.

Inventory data is either stored in-house or remotely, your choice.
All IT requests, training and backups are FREE! 
  • Runs on ALL computers, MAC, Windows and Linux!

*$160 per month per user