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Will it Save me Money?

Cost Justifying a 3PL Dock2Dock Warehouse Management System

   In today’s competitive marketplace, the primary focus of many organizations is on improving customer service. To accomplish this, companies are embarking on a wide range of process-improvement initiatives. In many cases, increasing customer service levels involves adding personnel and increasing overall expenditures. Unfortunately, these additional expenses can erode profitability.

   One proven method for increasing customer service without incurring additional long-term expenses is the implementation of a Dock2Dock warehouse management system. The Dock2Dock concept and technology are not new. These systems have matured into time tested methods for reducing inventory costs while increasing overall efficiencies. Implementing Dock2Dock technology within an organization needs a  WMS system, allows that company to achieve a higher return on their software dollars and provide the best possible service to their customers.

   Dock2Dock possesses a strong background in delivering warehousing solutions. This allows Dock2Dock to offer a powerful, intelligent and full-featured solution to our customers.

   Don't let that Inventory chain BREAK!
   Its now time to break away from Excel and other proprietary programs that lock you in!

Don't let that chain of Inventory Break!

   Dock2Dock can provide an organization with tangible benefits quickly, improving warehouse operations and increasing efficiencies without adding headcount. By implementing Dock2Dock, a company achieves a number of dramatic benefits. They include:
  • Directed put-away and directed order picking
  • Warehouse capacity management
  • Load planning
  • Cross docking
  • Picking optimization
  • Kitting and Light Assembly
  • Work Orders
  • Product SKU and traceability
  • Invoicing & Monthly/Weekly billings