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   Front End Solutions, is a productivity software provider, that distributes  Dock2Dock, a 3PL warehouse management system for inventoried merchandise, has completed its implementation primarily for North American distribution.

   Dock2Dock software draws the attention of warehouses of Canada, United States and Mexico. A powerful, distinctive warehouse management software system that links with the leading QuickBookstm accounting system. Dock2Dock manages inventory and productivity in a time and cost-efficient manner, allowing you to concentrate on the real essence of business.

   Management of receiving, shipping, bills of lading, invoicing and the logistics associated with warehousing today can be improved with Dock2Dock's speed and accuracy while reducing costs. Dock2Dock can reduce administration and labour the leading issues that distribution and warehouse-related businesses face. Having control over these issues depends upon JAVA technology that multiplies the service of your people and increases your most valuable assets to more than a collection of data entries by using an automated system that extends current document functions.


  • Yes, we can modify the software to meet the demand for your installation. We call it template customization.
  • You can have templates customized to fit your business perfectly. With our template tuning service, you can have standard business forms or modified templates tweaked to your exact specifications. Template customization will ensure that the Dock2Dock site templates fit you exactly.
  • By customizing templates the cost of building your Dock2Dock installation becomes affordable. We are easy and affordable people for customization your new Dock2Dock installation.
  • We have designers who are experts in modifying Dock2Dock JAVA templates as well as Jasper templates, so if you can imagine the change our designers will make it come to reality through the tuning process.
  • It is worth mentioning that any new implementation is fully backward compatible with our concurrent on-line backup systems.


  • Servoy 5.2: Fast Flexible Sexy SAAS
  • Dock2Dock uses Servoy 5.2 -- the newest release from Servoy, is now available from the Servoy website at Servoy 5.2 is an Eclipse Plugin -- that enables Servoy developers to produce and deploy even MORE POWERFUL enterprise-level applications to Servoy Smart Client (Client/Server) and Servoy Web Client (100% HTML in a web browser) -- from a single Javascript code base.
  • In Servoy 5.2, you'll notice:
    • Servoy 5.2 adds many new features and enhancements to the Servoy platform. Here's an overview of the most important new features:
    • SolutionModel - Create objects on-the-fly
    • Virtual Data For Forms - You can now create a new dataSource from any data and bind it to a new form
    • Up to 50% faster solution loading
    • Ability to do a "clean" import from the Server Admin page