Clients using Dock2Dock

   Dock2Dock gives you the capability to operate a profitable, dynamic business with a single set of technology, facilities, manpower and materials.

   Facilitate real-time information flow within and beyond the four walls of your warehouse

New Clients Enjoy these Benefits

   Dock2Dock is powerful, scalable and flexible real-time 3PL WMS boosts productivity, reduces costs and fulfillment times, and increases customer satisfaction.

   Enjoy a feature-rich solution to automate, streamline and verify all your in-warehouse processes.

   "Selecting a WMS has got to be one of the most complex, challenging tasks faced by today's warehouse operators. 
   Dock2Dock is confident, that its buyers following the Dock2Dock outline, and using their online resources bolster the strength of the WMS project success."

   Dock2Dock is a cost-effective inventory management system adaptable to a wide range of warehouse and inventory control operations.

   Developed using the latest Java technology, Dock2Dock is simple to install, easy to use and inexpensive to operate.

   Barcode scanning and printing is fully supported and integration options include Quickbooks and Excel export.

   Dock2Dock delivers cost savings typically associated with much more expensive inventory solutions.

Clients Include:

  • eFiveLarge Warehousing & Distribution Company in Canada. Specializing in Export, Import Container unloading and loading. Experienced freight handlers are proficient at de-stuffing, re-organizing and consolidating shipments for destination points all across North America and beyond. 

  • Brimich - Warehousing and Storage, pick and pack, shipping services, logistics management, and innovative fulfillment services. End-to-end, turnkey logistics, and 3PL distribution services. Support, transparency, and accountability needed to enhance efficiencies and get products to market more quickly. 

  • Chargo - Chargo Fast Cargo, specializes in the vital markets of Canada. Chargo provides 60,000 square feet of warehouse space to accommodate all of your consolidation and distribution. From the size of an envelope to the size of a six-door commercial refrigerator, Chargo can move it all with one phone call.