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What does Dock2Dock Do?
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Hey!    Its the Economy Calling...

Economy Calling! Are you Giving the Most Service for the Least Dollar?

   Are You giving the MOST Service for Least Dollar?

   Dock2Dock allows your 3PL warehouse High Client Serviceability and a Low-Low monthly cost.

   Increasingly warehouses are depending on 3PL software not only to run their business, but to drive their business. For many warehousing companies, this is a fundamental change, requiring them to treat their software lifecycle as a key value chain.
   Out of the box, Dock2Dock does a great job of managing your 3Pl inventory information needed to make your Warehouse run effectively and cost effectively.  (see reports)
   Economical 3PL Solution that actually works, we guarantee it, or you don't pay !

Dock2Dock offers you this...

  • Easy to Install and Use

  • Multiple Warehouse Locations

  • Automate BOL, Receiving, Inventory & Entries & Billing (see reports)

  • Multiple Billing Tables
    • Receiving Tally Billing Reports
    • Shipping / Service Billing
    • Container Loading Charges
    • Rail Car Loading Charges
    • Crane Charges
    • Pick & Pack Charges
    • Storage Billing By:
      • Weight
      • Size
      • Racking Location
      • Footprint
      • Location / Area
    • Imperial - Metric weights and measures

  • Client On-line Access
    • Shipment reports
    • Receiving reports
    • Inventory reports by: (see reports)
      • Bulk
      • Serial Number
      • Product or SKU Number
      • Piece Count
      • Lift Count
      • Cube Count
      • LIFO - FIFO
    • Inventory in-House Reporting
    • Multiple Search Categories
    • Stock-Status reports
    • SKUs
    • Cheps
    • Transfers
    • Valuations

  • Barcode Labeling Location Print & Scan

  • Flexible Reporting Templates

  • Excel & PDF Exports  (see reports)

  • Directed Put-Away

  • Warehouse Capacity Management

  • Load Planning by Weight / Volume

  • Cross Docking

  • Picking Optimization

  • Work Orders, Kitting and Light Assemblies

  • Product SKUs and Traceability  (see reports)

Dock2Dock Experience Shows!

Dock2Dock Experience Shows! 

   You can Create the most value for your bottom line and for your customers today with Dock2Dock!

   Your customers' critical inventory data is accurate and secure, your organization will be more responsive, and you will manage your business more efficiently because you will have smart Dock2Dock tools that help you make excellent decisions.

   Dock2Dock is an integral part of your technology plan that pays for itself quickly and continues to earn client's confidence.

   Dock2Dock will help you manage your operations better and will make you a better strategic partner for your customers.


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