Development of methods to measure root growth of Mimulus

Our approach to measuring the root response to gravity is of interest to other labs. One of these labs is located at Duke University. Researchers there are interested in how root behavior differs in the plant Mimulus (Monkey Flower) depending on where in the world the plant is from. We are currently collaborating with Josh Puzey of Duke University ( on developing a method to compare the root systems of several different lines of Mimulus. 

The first step for us is to develop a protocol for growing each line of seed effectively in soil in order to create our own seed stocks.  We are also developing methods for propagation of seedlings on agar medium. Our goal is to successfully germinate the various Mimulus lines and observe growth in different agar media. One example of this will be to characterize root growth in media supplemented with copper. 



We will be using the already developed system from the Doane Phytomorph Project for collection of high-resolution image series of root growth from the various Mimulus lines using readily available scanner technology.  We hope to understand the imacts of environment (such as copper concentration) and genetic background on root growth.

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