Flipped Classroom

It's called "flip teaching" and  "reverse teaching" or a "backwards classroom" (who knew?), and "reverse instruction."  Here's how it's happening, for real:
  • Students watch lectures and videos
  • Class is for hands-on work and face-to-face interaction with teacher/peers

So why has this method become such a booming topic in education?
The days of the teacher as "sage on the stage" are numbered.  Instead, the teacher becomes the "guide on the side" where students are using the class/school experience as a fully interactive experience WITH the teacher  - - instead of the teacher being the one-way traditional talking head.   This way, students are asking questions and solving problems with the teacher or fellow students -  instead of just sitting compliantly and listening - where the teacher can spend more time addressing specific questions and personalized attention, rather than just the one-size-fits-all lecture. 

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