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Student-Parent-Teacher Compact

Dike-New Hartford Title 1 Student-Parent-Teacher Compact


It is important that I work to the best of my ability.  I agree to carry out the following  instructions:

* believe that I can learn and will learn;

* always try to do my best in my work and in 
  my behavior;

* come to school regularly;

* show respect to myself, other students, my
  parents, and my teachers;

* spend time reading everyday outside of

                            Student Signature

Title 1 Teacher:

It is important that all students achieve.  Therefore, I will do the following:

* believe that each student can learn;

* show respect for each child and their family;

* come to class prepared to teach;

* provide an environment conducive to

* help each child grow to his/her fullest

* maintain open lines of communication with
  each student and their parents;

*  encourage children in their efforts.

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Parent/Caring Adult:

I want my child to achieve.  Therefore, I will encourage my child by continuing to do the following:

* talk to my child about school activities every

* spend time each day reading with my child
  and limiting TV viewing;

* encourage my child to learn by requiring all
  homework assignments be

* make sure my child gets adequate sleep and
  has a healthy diet;

* make sure that my child is at school regularly
  and on time;

* attend parent-teacher conferences and
  contact a teacher when I have
  concerns and questions;

* show respect and support for my child, the
  teacher, and the school;

* set a good example by reading myself;

* provide a library card for my child and
  provide opportunities to use it.

          Parent/Care Giver Signature

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