Emaily is a robot running on Google AppEngine, which works as a gateway between Google Wave and Email. With this, you can send and receive emails inside Google Wave.


Cancelled due to the cancellation of the Google Wave project.

How to use it

  • Add emaily-wave@appspot.com to your contact list.
  • Click on the contact entry, select "New Wave".
  • It will create a new wave with you and Emaily in it.
  • The robot will add a blip at the end of the wave, and an input box where you can add email participants with their email addresses. You will see that the new recipients will show up in the recipients list.
  • After you finished, you can leave the blip as is, or you can even remove it.
Emaily will automatically send the blips you've created to the recipients, and you can receive answer from them also.

Discussions, feature requests

If you have a wave account already, this wave contains useful information about how to discuss Emaily, how to contact the developers, how to open bugs, etc.

Planned Features

New Email button

Creating an extension from Emaily allows us to add a "New Email" button next to the "New Wave" button, and create an even more easy way to add an email.

Threading support

Emaily will recognize email-threads and it will ad a new incoming message to the proper thread instead of creating a new wave for it.

Additional planned features

  • Viewing HTML email.
  • Sending and receiving attachments.
  • Automatic management of wave/email users.