██╗  ██╗ ██████╗ ███╗   ███╗███████╗
██║  ██║██╔═══██╗████╗ ████║██╔════╝
███████║██║   ██║██╔████╔██║█████╗  
██╔══██║██║   ██║██║╚██╔╝██║██╔══╝  
██║  ██║╚██████╔╝██║ ╚═╝ ██║███████╗
╚═╝  ╚═╝ ╚═════╝ ╚═╝     ╚═╝╚══════╝

hello, we are the hacking sub-division of deer lake. have fun hacking! 

-Zachary K (owner )
-Admin2 (editor)
-Admin1 (owner)
-Sam (owner)
-Chrissy (owner)
"We are expecting more admins soon"

we are not accounted for anything YOU DO! you can use this content for 
personal use. not for hacking anything that is not YOURS. 
we also do not support the dark web.


from: Zachary K our e-mail is now open. please feel welcome to e-mail us at   deerlakes.hacking.club@gmail.com 

from: Admin1  our site is down for repairs our website  we be up on (Monday, 
24 2018)

from: Zachary Hello, I have been makeing a Hacker toolkit. called _ADMIN TOOLS. It will be up here soon. *TAG* @GITHUB @github

from: Zachary I have been pushing to get the website done. I need some help  (deerlakes.hacking.club@gmail.com 

from: Zachary AHHH... I can not get back into my Email. Just so we all know here. 

from: Zachary OK. I have some of  (https://sites.google.com/a/dlsd.k12.pa.us/deerlakeshacking/home/l
ocalhost) Up. go check it out!

from: Admin since we lost the last E-mail, Our new E-mail is help.deerlakeshacking@gmail.com
no more to be reported