Welcome to Patwin Science

Dear Students and Parents,
Welcome to Patwin Science. Below are documents that have been handed out to all 3 grade levels.  Homework is listed by grade level.
A Warm Welcome to Science        Classroom Guidelines
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Homework, Projects & some In-Class Assignments 

4th Grade Homework

Intro to Science                  
HW 11 Crystal Growing Project Instructions
Magnets and Electricity
Worksheet - Hans Christian Oersted

Electricity  Quiz - Conductors, Insulators, Circuits

Electromagnet Assessment

HW 15 Electricity - End of Unit  Assessment

from 2015-2016  - DO NOT USE at this time.

Food Webs

Food Web Assessment

from 2015-2016  - DO NOT USE at this time.

6th Grade Homework

HW 4 Science Fair Information
The Metric Measurement System
Metric System History
HW 5 Metric Measurement Evaluation
HW 6 Metric Meas Using SI System
Metric System Practice and Instruction #1
HW 7 Metric Temp Time Conversions
Reference Sheets for Metric Measurement Test
TEXTBOOK Assignments beginning December 5
Chapter 7 Heat Inside the Earth Questions and Vocabulary
Chapter 7 Earth's Layers - a Reading
Chapter 7 Questions for Earth's Layers Reading
Chapter 7 Earth Model Project
Earth Model Project - Some examples

Lab Activities to Prepare for the Science Fair Experiments

Simple Steps to the Scientific Method
Requirements for a Valid Science Fair Project
Lab Act: Begin with Poppers - How do they work?

How to Calculate an Average

Banana Mania - Practice Calculating Averages

Science Fair Information and Assignments
Topic Requirements for a Valid Science Fair Project

The Scientific Method - an overview

How to do a Science Fair Project using the Scientific Method - Reference Packet