Our Strategy

Our strategy is simple "PERFECTION" 

Dixie Pump has qualified personnel to handle all your equipment repair needs including pumps, gear boxes, refiners, feeders ,filters, screens, mixers and many other items that you may consider for outside your facility repairs due to available manpower, available time, etc.

·         Expedited repair and delivery at competitive rates. 

·         Alliance's with your equipment OEM's for necessary components to repair your equipment to OEM or better standards, all devoted to the increase of MTBF ( Mean Time Between Failure ). 

·         Inspection analysis with reports to determine root cause of failures. 

·         Efforts, lending support to your developing or ongoing precision maintenance practices. 

·         Our assembly areas are environmentally controlled to eliminate premature failures due to assembly contamination of your equipment being repaired. 

·         Our sell able inventory is in areas that are environmentally controlled as well, and routinely maintained to ensure dependable performance after purchase. 

·         Dixie Pump offers professional Mechanical Seal Repairs using OEM replacement parts.  Our associations for mechanical seals are with manufacturers who are the industry leaders and considered to be the most highly engineered for performance and reliability. 

·         We also furnish and support reputable Mechanical packing's for rotating  and reciprocating equipment including pumps, valves, etc.    

·         For value added services we will provide you with mechanical seal and packing failure analysis at no charge. 

 ·         In addition Dixie Pump offers a complete line of Stuffing Box Control Devices as well as common bushings in any material for your choice.  We do this in an effort to conserve flush water and increase equipment reliability.

·         For your convenience we offer Pump and Systems Training at the facility of your choice in an effort to identify and affect corrections as needed to reduce your pumping equipment bad actor list and increase your MTBF.  We have the ability to review a complete pumping system and offer written recommendations for your approval.