If you do not see your question listed here, please email us at IT@divafit.online

How do I redeem my Groupon?

  1. If you do not already have one, set up a profile at our MINDBODY scheduling site.
  2. Call, email, or visit the studio you would like to visit more than one day before the first class you would like to attend and provide the confirmation email with your Groupon Code and name.  
  3. The studio will redeem your Groupon and apply the credits to your account. 
  4. You can log into your profile and sign up for any Pole Intro or Specialty (no silks) class.  Your credits should automatically apply.  Once you've scheduled all your Groupon credits, you will be prompted to pay for any additional classes you wish to take.  Please note that if you are new to our classes, you must start in Pole Level 1 to continue taking pole classes.  These classes are not part of our Groupon and must be purchased through MINDBODY.  Specialty classes may be taken without experience.  Some of our classes are open gender and are marked as such in our MINDBODY scheduling site.  Students of all genders are welcome to sign up for these classes.

How do I redeem my gift certificate?

It depends on how the gift certificate was purchased.

Certificates purchased in-studio

Paper gift certificates purchased in-studio cannot be redeemed online.  This is MINDBODY's way of protecting against online fraud because it is easy to brute force the number into the payment system until one is accepted.  They can only be redeemed in-studio with a receptionist.  Funds from this kind of gift certificate are like retail gift cards.  You must use it every time you make a purchase, the balance will not be applied to your account.  This is great for gift card sharing!

Gift Cards purchase online

Gift cards purchased online in the Gift Cards tab in MINDBODY can be redeemed in-studio and online.

How do I sign up for a pole drop-in class?  

Drop-in classes cannot be purchased online, but can be purchased in advance by visiting or contacting the studio.  
  • If you hold a Leveled or Pole Master membership, please call or email your studio and the receptionist will add you to the class and charge your card on file.  If you wish to pay with cash, you must visit the studio in person, on or before the day of class, to make your booking and payment.
  • If you are just visiting or are new to the area and are looking to try out our studio, please contact us at info@divafit.onlinedescribing your previous pole experience, and we will help you find the best class that suits your skills.  If you do not have one already, please create a profile in our MINDBODY scheduling system and add your credit card information.  Once you have been cleared for a class, we will place you into the agreed upon class.  If you wish to pay in cash instead, please visit the studio to make your payment in person, on or before the day of class, to make your booking and payment.

How do I register for an 8-week session?

  1. Find the class you are interested in on the Pole & Specialty or Aerial tabs and click the Sign Up Now button. 
  2. On the right side of the Make a Reservation screen, under Recurring Options choose the earliest start date available and the latest end date available to ensure you are registered for the entire session. 
  3. Click Make a recurring reservation to continue to the payment screen.

Can I register for leveled classes in the middle of a session?

Because our leveled classes build upon the skills and strength gained during previous weeks, we do not recommend registering in the middle of the session. Please contact us at info@divafit.online to discuss your previous pole experience and we can help you find classes that suit your skills until the next session begins.  If you are just visiting, see How do I sign up for a pole drop-in class?

Do you prorate sessions if I sign up after the first week?

No, we do not prorate sessions.  If you purchase a session after the first week, you can use the additional credits for other session classes, specialties, or open gym classes.

How do I register for someone else?

Family Member

  1. Navigate to My Info in MINDBODY and select Add Family Member (if they are not already listed under your account).
  2. Input all requested information and click save.
  3. Navigate to the class you'd like to sign them up for and click Sign Up Now.
  4. On the left side of the screen, choose Make a Single Reservation - Family Member's Name
  5. Note: You will not be able to view their schedule on your account.  Ask the receptionist to set up a login for your family member so they can login to see their account.  In order to receive reminder emails, please email IT@divafit.online and we will update your accounts accordingly.

I just want to pay for my friend's single visit

  1. Navigate to the class you'd like to sign them up for and click Sign Up Now.
  2. On the left side of the screen, choose the Someone else option.
  3. Type in that person's name.
  4. Click Make a Single Reservation.
  5. That person will be asked to sign a liability waiver in-studio if it is their first class.  If they have an account in the system, the receptionist will assign the class to them so it shows in their visit history.

How do I buy a gift certificate?

Paper Gift Card

You can purchase a paper gift card in-studio!  Please visit during class hours and ask our desk staff!

Online Gift Card/Money On Account

  1. Navigate to Gift Cards in MINDBODY
  2. Select the type of gift card you'd like to send:
    1. Gift Card At $0.00
      1. You must print or email this type of gift card.
    2. Gift Card - Account Balance At $0.00
      1. This money will go directly onto someone's account.
  3. Enter the gift card amount.
  4. Enter the ToFrom, and message information
  5. Check the Send the recipient the gift card via email box to let the recipient know you purchased them a gift!!

How do I view my visit history?

  1. Navigate to the My Info tab.  
  2. Click Visit History to view a list of your past visits.

How do I view my upcoming schedule?

  1. Navigate to the My Info tab.
  2. Click My Schedule to view a list of your future classes.

How do I view my purchase history?

  1. Navigate to the My Info tab.
  2. Click Purchase History to view a list of your past class, gift card, and merchandise purchases.

How many credits do I have left on my class pack or session?

  1. Navigate to the My Info tab.
  2. Click Account to show a list of all your purchases.
  3. The number of remaining credits by purchase is listed in the Unbooked/Remaining column.

How do I early cancel out of a class?

Note:  you must cancel out of your class more than 8 hours in advance (pole) and more than 24 hours in advance (silks) to retain your credit.
  1. Navigate to the My Info tab.
  2. Click My Schedule to show a list of all your upcoming classes.
  3. Find the class in question and click Cancel to the left of the class.
  4. Click OK when prompted "Are you sure you want to cancel this class/event?".
  5. Your credit will be put back on your account for future use!

How can I use my remaining credits/schedule a makeup class?

  1. Navigate to an eligible class under the Pole & Specialty or Aerial tabs.
  2. Click Sign Up Now for the class you would like to sign up for.
  3. On the Reservation screen, click Make a single reservation.
  4. If a credit is remaining on your account, you will be prompted to use this credit.

What classes are eligible for session use vs. class pack use?

 Credit Type   Eligible for... 
Session ClassSession Classes, Open Gyms, Pole Intros, Specialties 
Class PackSession Classes, Pole Intros, Silks Intros
Specialties Specialties, Pole Intros
Pole Intro Pole Intros, Specialties 

I would like to donate to DivaFit directly.  How do I do that?

Contact the studio you would like to donate to with the donation amount and they will charge your card on file.  If you would like to donate with cash, please visit the studio and they will set it up!

We are currently working on lifetime donation tiers with rewards to achieve for our gracious supporters!!  Stay tuned for more details!!

All donations go directly to our equipment upgrade fund for both studios!!  Thank you for helping make DivaFit the best it can be!

How do I buy Event Tickets?

  1. Navigate to the Performance tab in MINDBODY and find the event in question.
  2. Click Sign Up Now.

Purchase Tickets for Myself

  1. Make sure Myself is selected.
  2. Click Enroll.

Purchase for someone else

  1. Make sure Someone Else is selected.
  2. Enter their Name in the box.
  3. Click Enroll
On the next page, click Continue Shopping and navigate back to the Mr/Ms DivaFit tab to purchase tickets for additional people!

How do I sign up for a multi-workshop package?

  1. Choose the first workshop you would like to attend and click Sign Up Now.
  2. Choose the package in question and process the purchase.
  3. Click Book this service to use your remaining credits:
  4. After you've booked the next workshop, you will be taken to the My Schedule page where you can click the Book another event link to book your remaining credit (for the 3-workshop option).