Home - 8th Grade Math

This sight is designed to help students and parents understand my classroom expectations, quickly see what homework is due, check dates for upcoming quizzes/tests,
and provide resources for online math help.

This school year there are three core standards for eighth grade mathematics:
  •     Algebra: Linear Equations
  •     Geometry & Measurement: Lines and Angles
  •     Data Analysis:  Analyze and Summarize Data Sets
Each of these core standards has its own textbook.  Teachers have classroom sets.  Books are also available for overnight checkout in the library.  Each book may also be accessed online.  Passwords for using online books will be sent home with students.  Please feel free to call or email if you do not have the password.  I encourage students and parents to use this convenient recourse for homework help, reviewing for quizzes and tests, and printing homework if a student is absent.