PE Makeups:

Tues. at 12:30 - 1pm with Mrs. Hobson in the Gym,  they can use the Makeup form that is with the information about assignments.  I will also take 3 "written assignments" for the semester, a one page paper on an article related to health, fitness or nutrition, copy the article --1/2 page summary of the article and 1/2 page a reaction to the article for an illness or excused absence and they are unable to come in to do makeups during the scheduled times   

 If necessary, by apt. 8:15am- 8:45am Mon, Tues, Thurs., Friday, and 3:45pm-4:15pm if they can not make it up during the designated time at lunch on Tuesdays. 

Non-Dresses can be madeup in Detention at lunch only.  



***Please Review PE rule sheet for information on Class Expectations, rules, makeups, non-dresses.