This website has links to educational websites organized by grade that are used at Central Point Elementary Schools. Website that require a login are shown with a red ribbon and the word "Login." Below is how students can log in to those sites.

  • What is it? Students login and can choose from many programs
  • What programs are on it?  MobyMax (mulitple subjects), Khan Acacademy, Typing.com, Code.org and IXL math
  • Website: www.clever.com
  • Mobile app: iOS and Android 
  • Username: lastname+studentnumber@district6.org Password: cp+student number
  • *Don’t include plus (+) sign in log ins. 

Renaissance Home Connect
  • What is it? Accelerated Reader assesses a student's reading comprehension of a book, however quizzes can only be taken at school. Renaissance Home Connect allows parents/guardians to see their student’s scores and progress on Accelerated Reader quizzes. Go to the website’s email setup and receive an automatic email of your student’s score each time he/she takes a quiz at school.
  • Website: https://hosted228.renlearn.com/293223/HomeConnect/Login.aspx
  • Username: student number 
  • Password: student’s initials (no middle initial)

Ofice 365
  • What is it? A website students can access Word, Excel, PowerPoint and any documents they have saved in OneDrive. 
  • Website: https://login.microsoftonline.com/
  • Mobile app: iOS, Android and Kindle apps 
  • Username: lastname+studentnumber@district6.org 
  • Password: cp+student number
  • *Don’t include plus (+) sign in log ins.