Student Services
Maple School's student services department is comprised of staff members from the following domains: school psychology, school social work, occupational therapy, special education, reading, English language learners, and speech pathology. Each of these individuals works in collaboration with parents, teachers and administrators to provide social, emotional, academic, and behavioral support to children and their families.
Academic support, known as Response to Intervention, is provided through the general education program in the areas of reading and mathematics. The Response to Intervention initiative identifies students below the 50th percentile in reading and/or math and provides additional instruction beyond the classroom in order to increase students’ skills and help close the academic gap through general education supports between themselves and their peers. These students are identified by universal screening assessments, classroom performance, and valuable teacher input.

The following individuals are members of the Student Services Department:

Blake Zweig - School Psychologist; Special Education Department Chair (bzweig@district30.org)

Jennifer Schultz - School Psychologist (jschultz@district30.org)

Joshua Bryant - 6th Grade Special Education (jbryant@district30.org)

Colleen Bramlage- 7th Grade Special Education (cbramlage@district30.org)

Amy Norris - 8th Grade Special Education (anorris@district30.org)

Valerie Yeager - 8th Grade Special Education (vyeager@district30.org)

Erik Brekke - Education and Life Skills Teacher (ebrekke@district30.org)

Jane Park - English Language Learners (6th, 7th, 8th) (jpark@district30.org)

Julie Kreczmer - Reading Specialist (jkreczmer@district30.org)                                     

Roberta Silver - Speech-Language Pathologist (rsilver@district30.org)

Betty Garber - School Social Worker (bgarber@district30.org)

Julie Urbanus - Occupational Therapist (jurbanus@district30.org)