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US 9 Grading Policy

Here is how I calculate a student's grade in United States History 9
Formative Grades (.200 of the semester grade):  Activities that are part of the formative
          section of the grade feature such things as small group activities, practice for skill
          development, and checks for understanding.

Summative Grades (.700 of the semester grade):  This part of the grade features the
          larger, more significant formal assessments, such as mini-summatives (quizzes)
          and cumulative-summatives (tests), and Primary Source Document Analysis (one per month
          on average), centered on a "Framing Question" (e.g. "What Caused the Pullman Strike of 1894?")

Semester Final Exam (.100 of the semester grade):
This exam will be center on analyzing Primary Documents, and answering the
           "Framing Question", providing historical evidence in support (e.g. "What Caused the
           Chicago Race Riots of 1919?")

Policy on Re-taking Summative Assessments:  I don't feature re-takes, I offer something much better . . .
. . . the "Replacement Program" (read below) 

The Replacement Program:  Within the semester, when a student scores
                        higher in a succeeding assessment of equal-or-greater value, 
                        I'll replace the previous score with the higher one.  
                        If a student scores lower than a previous assessment, the 
                        scores stand the way they are.  
                              The reason why I incorporate this in the grading system is very
                        clear to me:  So many times, America rewards the "Late Bloomer";
                        skill development is the most important aspect at this level.
                        If a student knows that they can positively impact their grade all
                        the way to the end of the semester by learning the "tricks of the trade",
                        there's more incentive for the student to keep trying if they don't have
                        initial success.
                             And, I believe that the "Replacement Program" rewards the most
                       important ingredient for success: EFFORT!