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  Waverly High School Advanced Placement U.S. History: Nebraska Wesleyan Honors Academy Information
Dual Credit Registration Information, and more . . . 

(The electronic version of the AP & Dual Credit NACRAO document available in class)

NWU Dual Credit Overview
Dual Credit Registration

Fall Registration Deadline: 6 October (Fri), 2017

Transfer Nebraska: Find out how Dual Credit U.S. History transfers to colleges/universities . . .
      - As of Spring 2017, 95% of US colleges/universities take NWU Dual Credit courses . . . 

Overall Cost:  For the 2017 - 2018 school year, the cost is $95 per credit hour, for a total of $760 for 8 credit hours;


here are no other fees 

(You can only take this course for a full year, for eight credit hours).  

                         The entire registration process is online . . . below are the titles of the courses for each semester

Extra responsibilities in class for Dual Credit Students (1st Semester: HIST 1010 / 2nd Semester: HIST 1020)

   a) Required History Project (November, 2017 - April, 2018; Website or Short Documentary)

   b) Essay Questions: Dual Credit Students will not be able to use their notes, but they will know the question(s) in advance

   c) Deconstruction: Dual Credit Students will, in addition to the regular assignment, include their notes from the chapters

Late Registration: There is a two week late-add period (until 20 October, 2017) in which students can fill 

out their online registration, no questions asked, BUT, 

there will be a $15 late fee (Late Registration students will also not receive a NWU ID card, or a Honors Academy T-Shirt). That secondary registration period ends on 20


October, 2017.

 Failure to pay the $15 late fee means that a student is not enrolled in the course.

Once Registered: If you drop the class at semester, you will not receive any 

credits; to earn 8 credits, 

                              you need to be in both semesters.

Payment Reminder: The NWU business office will bill Honors Academy students (NWU sends out bills on the 20th each month)

If you have questions that I can't answer about the registration process, you can call 402-465-2331, and talk to Marian . . . 

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Aug 23, 2013, 4:37 AM