APHIST Grading Policy

Assessments (.450)

  - From time-to-time, students will have
    an essay to write out in class
  - Students will have one class period
  - This is one of the areas of the 
    grade where I will distinguish
    between those that are taking
    the course for dual credit, and
    those that are not

Semester Final Exam (.200)
  -  Part of the final exam will be
     a Book Report (.500 1st Sem/ .750 2nd)
     (For those taking the course for Dual
      Credit, the Semester's Project will be
      used instead of the Book Report)
    - Students will need to select a book (or 
       Semester's Project topic) that I
       authorize; be sure that you select a
       book (topic) that you will READ and
    - The due dates for the book reports / 
       Semester's Project will be announced
       well in advance for both semesters . . . 
  - The final semester exam in class during
     the 80 minute testing periods will be 
     analyzing a set of primary documents
     centered around a framing question
     1st Semester: Reconstruction
     2nd Semester: The Rise & Fall of Liberalism
                            in the 1960s
Assignments (.450)

Textbook "Deconstruction" (.200)
 - Here is the required format for
   each Deconstruction assignment
  - Students will be assigned chapters 
     from the text, and in essence,
     the student will tell me what he/she 
     learned . . . 

Primary/Secondary Documents
  - Often, the primary documents
    assignments will be started in class, and
    the student completes it on his/her own
    time. Primary document assignments will
    either be in hard-copy form or posted on
    Google Classroom.
  - Most of the secondary assignments
    will be assigned outside of class, although
    students may be able to get a head-start
    on the assignment during class (for 
    example, when I'm unable to be in
    class due to a conference or meeting)
The Waverly High School Advanced Placement Grading Scale, as of 
7 March 2017
(converting a % grade at WHS to a letter grade for college/university)

                    90 - 100 = A
                      80 - 89 = B
                      70 - 79 = C
                      60 - 69 = D
                   Below 60 = F

Miscellaneous (.100)

 This category includes such items as:
  - EdPuzzle video quizzes, and in-class
    assignments that are designed to
    reinforce certain skills, such as writing
    a rough draft for an introduction to an
    essay question or prompt, or to practice
    formulating conclusions given certain
    historical situations / scenarios . . .
    basically, this a the formative part of
    an APHIST student's grade

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