Mrs. Ferguson (Zeller)
Spring 2017
Room 117 (Computer Lab 2)
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Free Periods: Before (7:40)/after school, 7th Hour, Advisory (with pass)

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Gaming Club

Win Money for Prom

Prom is coming up quickly, and it's a great time to encourage your high school students to make good decisions with their money. Between the outfit, the accessories, and the transportation, students can spend a pretty penny on prom expenses.

Ramsey Personality Anthony ONeal is giving away $1,000 to one lucky high school student for their prom this year. The winning student will be given $1,000 to spend on prom-related expenses like tuxedo rental, dress rental, limo rental, flowers, pictures and more! 

Your students can find out how to enter the giveaway by going to anthonyoneal.com/prom. The giveaway ends on Friday, March 10, and winners will be selected by March 31. 

Anthony will be sharing life tips and fun ways to save money on prom on his social channels throughout February and March. It's a great way for your students to learn how to manage their money better and avoid making poor money decisions around prom this year. You can find him on social here: 

Get FREE SAT Prep Classes Through Khan Academy

Make sure you’re ready for test day - join us for Khan Academy Live: SAT, a series of three free online SAT classes from Khan Academy. These live, interactive classes will cover concepts and strategies to help you with every part of the SAT.

Classes are held on YouTube Live every Thursday at 7pm ET / 4pm PT on Feb 23Mar 2, and Mar 9. We cover a different topic each week, so RSVP today!

RSVP for Thu, Feb 23: SAT Math

RSVP for Thu, Mar 2: SAT Reading

RSVP for Thu, Mar 9: SAT Writing

During the sessions, you’ll get to chat one-on-one with Khan Academy and College Board experts to get answers to your questions. Like all Khan Academy resources, these online classes are free.

Get Discounts Easily
Pocket Points is a new mobile application that gives students rewards for not using their phones during class. Simply open the app on campus, lock your phone, and start gaining points. Points are then used at local and online businesses for awesome student discounts, coupons, or gifts! 

Learning HTML
    Students in Web Design are learning how to code using HTML5 and CSS3. Today, they created an HTML story using various tags and attributes to analyze the pieces of code and how they are related.

Economy Monopoly
    In Intro to Business (BUS110), students are playing Monopoly to learn first-hand about economic systems. We start the first day playing "capitalism" Monopoly where the normal rules apply except you do not have to own all of one color before building. 
    The second day of play, students experience "socialism" Monopoly. In this version, students take their properties and money from the first day and divide it evenly among all players. All shared resources are paid to the government and not the individuals.
    On the last day, "communism" Monopoly is played. Now students start with the amount of money the government says they need to play. The government owns all properties and the rules change a lot!
    At the end of the three days of play, students will reflect on their experiences and what they have learned about economic systems.

Gaming Club - A Big Success
On Tuesday 1/16, we had our first meeting of the new gaming club. 12 students attended and played a variety of games. It was fun to meet new students and have friendly competition. We will be meeting again on Tuesday 1/31 from 3:30-5:30. All are welcome and you do not have to attend the entire time.

Attending ICC? Scholarship Opportunity!
ICC scholarship info

Welcome Back!
It's time to start a new semester and a new year. Set new goals and know where you are headed. Any past mistakes are forgotten - and you get to start fresh! Make the right impression and get off on the right foot.

Work From an Absence Policy:

If you know ahead of time you are going to be gone (pre-arranged, field trip, sports...) You must turn in all work ahead of time. If you are missing a test or quiz, it must be taken before you leave

Any work that is not taken care of ahead of time will be considered late and half credit.

Tests and quizzes not taken ahead of time will be a zero.

See the lesson plans to the left for what you will be missing. Ask Mrs. Ferguson if you have any questions or concerns (allison.ferguson@district140.org).

Form to re-schedule a missed test/quiz

Late Work Policy:

For all of my classes, any work not ready to be turned in on time will be considered late and earn half credit. After the test for the unit, any missing work becomes a ZERO including quizzes.

If an assignment is due at the beginning of the hour, it is considered late if it is in my bin after the bell to start class rings (don't frantically try to finish it as you walk in the room).